Melbourne Polytechnic is one of Australia’s largest and most accomplished providers of vocational training and higher education. The institute will help you choose the right course and provide you with invaluable opportunities to launch your new career once you have graduated.

Melbourne Polytechnic’s pathways programs consider the requirements of unconventional students such as early leavers who are re-entering education and mature students whose real-world experience can be used as academic credit in a new career direction.

The institute has an expansive selection of certificates, diplomas and degrees perfect for international students looking to study at a renowned Australian education institute.

Another benefit of studying at Melbourne Polytechnic is that you’re just a short tram ride from the city of Melbourne, one of Australia’s most diverse and exciting cities. Melbourne is known for its vibrant culture, night life and year-round arts festivals. Its broad range of entertainment has something suited to every taste.

Once you’ve completed your coursework at Melbourne Polytechnic you may find that you’d like to stay, and with so many career opportunities available in the area, you most likely will!


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Begin by mastering the English language

Learning English is a critical step for anyone planning to begin an academic or professional career in Australia. Melbourne Polytechnic offers English Language Intensive Programs for Overseas Students (ELICOS) of every level – you simply require an Australian student visa.

If you’re new to Australia and come from a non-English speaking background Polytechnic’s English language programs will begin your development towards speaking, reading and writing in fluent English. You will be provided with the appropriate qualifications to certify your achievements as you progress.

Earn nationally recognised credentials through a certificate or diploma program

Developing strong English proficiency is the first step towards pursuing a successful career in Australia.

At Melbourne Polytechnic, students are given the chance to earn globally recognised professional credentials that complement their studies. Melbourne Polytechnic offers international students the opportunity to qualify for a broad range of careers with more than 80 courses at Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor and Master Degree level.

A certificate or diploma course demonstrates your specialised skills and experience in your professional field, and these credentials will ensure that your career will flourish.


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Make the transition to a high-powered career

Melbourne Polytechnic is your pathway to success in any field of study. Take accounting as an example: Your first step could be undertaking a Certificate in Accounting, through which you will meet the educational requirements needed to register as a BAS Agent.

From here you can sharpen your skills by earning Diploma in Accounting and become an Assistant Accountant. Melbourne Polytechnic also offers a Bachelor of Accounting and a Master’s-level Accounting Program, specifically designed for business-minded graduates looking to gain professional accreditation from bodies like CPA Australia, or Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). The latter offers exceptional value and serves as a catalyst for a lucrative career in Australia.

Here are some career directions that are popular with international students studying at Melbourne Polytechnic:

  • Information Technology (IT)
    The IT industry is in need of qualified professionals with practical, technical and analytical expertise, to which Melbourne Polytechnic responds with a broad spectrum of Certificate and Diploma courses. Each level of study leads perfectly into the next, proving that with the right education and training, students of any age and background can become qualified IT professionals with promising employment prospects.


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  • Commercial Cookery
    If you aspire to become the next world-renowned top chef, Melbourne Polytechnic has the certificate programs you need. Certificate III in Commercial Cookery begins the process and leads into Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery. After this, you’ll be qualified to work as a chef in hotels, restaurants, clubs and other hospitality establishments.
  • Civil Engineering
    Pathways into civil engineering begin with a diploma of engineering technology which serves as the blueprint for a professional future. You’ll master the basics of drafting and design before moving on to a more in-depth associate’s or master’s degree program.

Pathway to a new life in Australia

Many international students have begun a successful professional life in one of the world’s most prosperous countries after graduating from Melbourne Polytechnic.

The Skilled Occupations List is a service offered by the Australian government to assist students who have studied for a certain occupation to submit an application for permanent residency in the region.

The pathways programs at Melbourne Polytechnic will give you the necessary knowledge and qualifications to launch your high-powered career regardless of where your future lies. There are several tiers of entry for every global profession. At Melbourne Polytechnic, you will find a course perfectly suited to your background that positions you for a successful professional career in Australia.

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