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Medical University of Lublin: Where future nurses and midwives excel

Tall stately castles. Majestic mountains. Stunning rivers. Poland has all these, which will make any natural and cultural scenery lover’s heart soar with excitement. For Vaibhav Ahuja, they were a welcome bonus to all the perks he gained from his education at Medical University of Lublin.

“The city of Lublin is the cherry on the cake. A small, welcoming city with a beautiful Old Town, a buzzing city centre, and a range of restaurants that offer tempting choices make the whole package irresistible,” enthuses Ahuja. “Studying in Medical University of Lublin is an experience of a lifetime.”

During his studies, Ahuja witnessed surgeries, practised emergency procedures, participated in simulations and interacted with patients daily. However, one truly memorable experience stands out in Ahuja’s mind.

“I was able to vaccinate Polish citizens, fellow students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic,” remembers Ahuja, adding that even during this challenging time, he was impressed that the university succeeded in keeping communication channels open and continued teaching their students.

Indeed, with four faculties and 119 departments, and a distinguished history of medical expertise dating back to 1944, it is not hard to see why over 1,300 students from 50 countries flock to this university to become future medical professionals. What’s more, Medical University of Lublin holds well-recognised accreditations and quality assurances including, among others, the Polish PKA (National Accreditation Committee) and the University Commission on the Quality of Medical Education, and the Polish University Commission for the Quality of Medical Education (UKJKKL).

Medical University of Lublin

The Bachelor of Nursing is carried out in professional training spaces, including the brand new Simulation Centre. Source: Medical University of Lublin

In particular, their three-year bachelor’s programmes in Nursing and Midwifery – both taught in English – incorporate practical training and encounters with patients in real-life hospital settings. The former degree imparts basic nursing and clinical skills in professionally-equipped classrooms and laboratories on top of the brand new four-storey Medical Simulation Centre – complete with simulated ER and operating rooms.

“I have had the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills by meeting a large number of new people, as well as practical skills that are the basis of nursing, thanks to the numerous practical classes and apprenticeships,” explains Nursing student Agata Kleczaj.

Graduate Paulina agrees: “Thanks to a large number of internships, I was able to efficiently implement the work and use the acquired knowledge in practice”. Paulina even managed to get into the department of her dreams. “Looking at everything in retrospect, I think that it was a good choice for my own future,” she says.

As someone who enjoys contact with various people and is not afraid of challenges, third-year Nursing student Kinga Kolaszyńska believes her nursing education at Medical University of Lublin allows her to explore diverse interests.

“Nursing is a very interesting field, which stands out among other fields of study at medical universities. The large number of apprenticeships offered is great as well,” notes Kinga.

For the Midwifery programme, students attend a combination of classes and apprenticeships that are conducted in modern clinical hospitals and health care centres. There, professional scientific and teaching staff supervise and guide them in practical skills.

Medical University of Lublin

The Midwifery programme features rich practical experience and knowledgeable faculty. Source: Medical University of Lublin

“I believe that at our university we are well-prepared to become midwives. We focus the most on practical skills, which are the necessary and most important element in our profession. Thanks to the kind and understanding teaching staff, we look forward to each and every class,” shares Inez Wojciechowska, a first-year Midwifery student.

This same sentiment is echoed by Abraham Diomande, an American graduate: “I heard great things about the school and it was an incredible opportunity to study in Europe and discover other cultures. I left the university enriched and changed forever.”

At the same time, because of the dedicated and knowledgeable faculty, Midwifery graduate Weronika Cielepała discovered her passion and career direction in midwifery.

“Being with my patients in the most beautiful moments of their lives, but also in the sad ones, made me realise that I am the right person in the right place. It is not an easy job, but working in it brings great satisfaction and gives a feeling of fulfilment. The smile and kindness of the patients just make the heaviest duty hours all worth it.”

That is not all. The university has an equally rich student life with more than 100 scientific clubs, and 13 organisations and clubs like the University Sports Association, Student Board and Volunteer Group. Add in affordable tuition fees and high-quality living conditions, and you can see why the Medical University of Lublin truly makes for a fantastic place to study nursing and midwifery in a safe and friendly city within beautiful Poland.

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