maths and physics tutor
Getting a tutor can cost a fair amount, especially if you’re an international student. Source: Issouf Sanogo/AFP

Have you been looking for a maths and physics tutor to improve your grades before exam season

While it’s a common assumption and sometimes more effective for some, paying for a tutor isn’t an option for everyone — especially if you are studying abroad on a tight student budget. 

After all, tutors in the UK charge between 15 pounds to 30 pounds per hour teaching physics and maths, according to Superprof

Prices, though, can be influenced by other factors such as level of study, location and the subject offered. 

If you are a student on a budget, it’s possible to study well on your own — when you know where to look.

Luckily, the Internet has plenty of free online resources offering more than just guidance.

Here are five free lifesaving YouTube channels if you can’t afford a math and physics tutor:  

math and physics tutor

Doing your own revision for maths and physics is possible with the right resources online. Source: Robyn Beck/AFP

1. Ginger Mathematician

Sam Gower, founder of Ginger Mathematician on YouTube, is the Head of Maths at an International School in Munich. 

With over 14,000 subscribers, the Germany-based YouTube channel covers all things from IGCSE to IB maths through videos sharing professional advice, exam walkthrough, or content tackling a specific topic. 

Whether it’s functionssketching curved graphs or bearings, Ginger Mathematician breaks it down for students to easily grasp concepts and ace their exams. 

Other than that, he also creates walkthrough videos for Paper TwoPaper Four and Paper Six

That makes his channel perfect for those looking for maths study techniques, mistakes to avoid when answering a particular maths question and even exam paper predictions.

Check out the full playlist of IGCSE maths videos here.

2. IGCSE on fingertips

Can’t afford a maths and physics tutor? Don’t worry, IGCSE on fingertips is among the best YouTube channels that can offer you guidance for both. 

The channel covers IGCSE, AS and AL level maths and science subjects. They have curated playlists that run through past year papers in each subject too. 

All the videos provide detailed explanations and solutions making it perfect for those who might be weaker in certain areas.

3. Cambridge in 5 minutes

Cambridge in 5 minutes aims to guide students through the fundamentals of Cambridge sciences.

Their mission is to provide accessible, valuable revision resources to help students achieve excellence in their exams by breaking down concepts that might seem difficult for some.

Apart from the YouTube videos, the channel also offers comprehensive notes on Free Exam Academy at no cost.

The channel covers videos on biology and chemistry as well.

Here’s the full playlist of videos for IGCSE physics.

4. The Maths Prof 

If you’re struggling with maths, check out The Maths Prof.

She makes maths easy to understand with clear explanations as she discusses specific maths topics.

The channel currently has over 117,000 subscribers. The videos are split between the IGCSE Core and Extended maths while offering videos for those doing their A levels or GCSEs.

She welcomes her viewers to drop a comment on her videos to request future topics you might struggle with.

Did that pique your interest? Reach out to her on either Instagram or Twitter.

5. Science with Hazel 

Another YouTube channel that substitutes a maths and physics tutor is Science with Hazel

Here, you’ll find explanations of IGCSE and GCSE science topics as well as answers to practice exam papers.

Hazel is a professional science tutor, having completed her undergraduate degree at St John’s College, University of Cambridge. 

Upon graduation, she pursued a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate of Education) before qualifying as a science teacher. Today, she works full-time as a professional tutor.

Feel free to reach out to her on Instagram if you have any questions relating to maths and science.