Mathematics at the University of Sussex: A great choice for your future

Mathematics at the University of Sussex: A great choice for your future

A Mathematics degree from the University of Sussex can take you far. Effective teachers equip you with the sought-after knowledge and skills in a wide range of careers. The university has a good track record in this, something that isn’t accidental — it’s by design and borne out of decades of excellence and experience.

The university has dedicated itself to over 60 years of academic excellence, aiming to stimulate, excite and challenge its students. The university holds a Bronze Status in the prestigious charter mark Athena SWAN, a recognition of its advancement and promotion of the careers of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM). In the Research Excellence Framework 2021, 95% of its research overall in Mathematical Sciences was assessed to be world leading or internationally excellent. Both achievements show you just the kind of professors you’ll have the privilege to learn from here.

Like other mind-broadening undergraduate programmes in Sussex, the BSc in Mathematics with Data Science — starting in September 2025 — stands out for how it explores the relationships between mathematics, data science and statistics. Through a thorough grounding in theories and techniques – from the foundations to the forefront of research — you’ll learn how to use mathematics to solve real-world data-intensive problems. Along the way, you’ll use industry-standard software such as MATLAB, Python and R and develop your analytical and modelling skills as well.

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Professors and lecturers of the programme work closely with students, ensuring they get the guidance they require. Source: University of Sussex

Another acclaimed programme from Sussex would be their BSc in Mathematics with Finance. It’s curated for those who are passionate about mathematics, and are eager to succeed in the financial industry at present. As there are many real-world applications, it opens many doors for potential career paths.

“If you really love maths and want to study it further then take just the Maths course,” says Michael Donaghy, graduate. “If you’re doing it for advancement in job prospects then definitely do a mixed maths course such as maths with finance as it keeps what you’re learning in check with the real world and more applicable scenarios. It’ll definitely deepen your knowledge and it’s a real test of your discipline in order to excel.”

Students in this programme will actively build on their core knowledge of applied mathematics and statistics, while also learning about financial analysis. Experts will guide students on a variety of essential topics, such as financial mathematics, financial risk management, valuation and cash flow, and much more. Graduates have gone on to excel in the finance industry, particular in roles such as finance and accounting, banking and investment, risk analysis, and insurance.

International student Maitreya Bhoir believes the programme has been a great learning experience. While he hasn’t decided his next steps yet, he has plans to pursue either a master’s degree in finance, mathematics or both. “After that, I am hoping to go into finance, specifically Private Equity as that field really piqued my interest when we studied it in finance,” he says. “My experiences at Sussex directly contributed to my future plans by giving me a goal to strive towards.”

For Donaghy, the impact of his Sussex degree was greater still. He gained skills that would prepare him for all the conventional career paths — and beyond. “Transferable skills I have developed whilst at Sussex would be logical reasoning, definitely problem solving and analytical skills,” he says. “The problem-solving skills would be from the trial and errors you face when answering worksheet problems and overcoming those difficulties have increased my mental resilience as well.”

And when Donaghy was pursuing this degree, his second daughter was born. “Being able to juggle all the work being put to me whilst living independently with my partner and kids allowed me to become a more disciplined individual,” he says. “It was nice being able to be scintillated academically allowing my knowledge to further develop, as well as have the added time to raise my daughters and have a strong paternal bond with them.”

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Students gather in shared spaces to discuss projects or play card games. Source: University of Sussex

When it comes to balancing life and coursework, University of Sussex does it like no other. Nestled in Brighton, the university is the perfect example of a thriving student community in a picturesque setting filled wity many facilities, bustling hubs to tranquil green spaces.

Here, learning isn’t just about crunching numbers and poring over research papers. Many students frequent Sussex’s large, popular study spaces, working collaboratively or playing dungeons and dragons into the night. They are part of a close-knit community, and participate in community projects, workshops, and other social events to foster both friendship and knowledge.

“If I had to pick a highlight, it would actually be from the beginning of the second year when I began to learn to socialise in earnest by going to the freshers fair, societies, events etc,” says Bhoir, Mathematics with Finance.

Sussex students regularly engage with residents, businesses, charities and other local partners to make a positive difference to the local area. Examples include providing free legal advice, supporting the biodiversity of the Sussex coastline, and sharing insight into issues impacting the community.

“The department is such a friendly and inspiring place to be. I love working with other students in the unique student study spaces and everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful so you never feel alone,” says BSc Mathematics student Claire Blackman.

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