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Source: Trinity Western University MBA

The business world has always been uncertain, as proven by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. During this once-in-a-generation occurrence, companies are scrambling to adapt in real-time. Top executives find their qualifications are not up to par to the new demands of 2020.

The upside to such disruptions to the industry, however, is the MBA experience has evolved to embrace these unprecedented times.

The MBA is still the highly regarded degree with innovative universities offering specialised courses to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the future workforce. To help students future-proof their careers, business schools are constantly staying on top of industry trends, broadening their networks, as well as upskilling and reskilling their cohorts.

What is more, with new jobs continuously emerging with the advance of technology — bringing their own set of challenges and opportunities — investing in education and life-long learning has never been more important.

In view of this, MBA aspirants should look for schools with strong industry connections that excel in experiential learning and nurture entrepreneurial spirits. Programmes that use their faculty as a platform to deliver the best possible courses, and constantly improve the student experience, will always provide the best graduate outcomes.

Source: Orfalea College of Business

Here are three universities with MBA programmes that will help you navigate the future of work…


As a member of the Business Education Alliance, Trinity Western University’s School Of Business is committed to advancing innovation in business education.

They offer three MBA specialisations that cover all corners of today’s competitive business climate: International Business; Non-Profit and Charitable Organisation Management; and Management of the Growing Enterprise.

The International Business specialisation provides a global perspective on business leadership. With its extensive coverage, you will be able to confidently compete in multiple regions with the right expertise. An English as a Second Language International Pre-Master’s Programme is also offered by the School of Business, making it ideal for international students. If you’re interested in studying business, and are looking to improve your English language skills, this programme will be able to prepare you for the International Business specialisation.

For those looking to manage a non-profit organisation, the Non-Profit and Charitable Organisation Management specialisation will teach you how to reap both its personal and professional rewards. This specialisation is one of only two such programmes in Canada.

If you’re already a working professional and want to start your own social enterprise, the Management of the Growing Enterprise specialisation was designed with a strong focus on entrepreneurship. You will be taught how to create a profit while still ethically generating and managing society’s resources. Students taking this specialisation will be guided in building a new business or enhancing an existing enterprise.


Source: Trinity Western University

These are some of the practical, professional, and personalised learning experiences TWU School of Business offers as part of their transformative MBA. More experiential opportunities include a mentorship experience with a local business executive, access to a supportive alumni network, and the ability to compete in national business competitions.

By equipping you with the necessary skills needed to succeed in rapidly changing conditions, the School of Business will prepare you for the modern workforce. As their list of alumni shows, they produce agile and responsible leaders who are ready to rise to the top of their industry.

Many MBA graduates qualify for a Canadian work permit of up to three years upon completion of the two-year MBA programme. For more information on Trinity Western University’s MBA, contact the school today.


California Polytechnic State University’s Orfalea College Of Business prides themselves in providing an experience-based business education. Their hands-on MBA programme offers a roadmap to success in today’s fast-paced world of business.

Source: Orfalea College of Business

If you’re looking for an intensive learning experience that includes small class sizes, networking field trips and a short course time — the College of Business might be for you. Faculty members engage with their students in small environments – allowing for more interaction and flexibility.

Through hands-on field trips, students are able to immerse themselves in a variety of different organisations and business cultures. They are given a number of networking opportunities and the freedom to explore new career options and paths.

An accelerated 10-month programme is available for students who are looking for a shorter course that still prepares them for the fast-moving business world. Whichever option students take, they will be trained in the technical and people aspects of business, and are able to smoothly transition from studying to working. Visit their website here to learn more.


The Oregon MBA at the University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business specialises in Advanced Strategy and Leadership; Finance and Securities Analysis; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Sports Business; and Sustainable Business Practices.

MBA programmes

Source: Lunquist College of Business

If you’re looking to strengthen your business foundation as well as study a specialisation based on your interest — this programme offers an educational journey that can be customised to your preferences. You will be able to select a specialisation, stay up-to-date with the ever-changing business environment, improve your leadership skills and expand your network in your chosen industry or field.

Their experiential-learning model involves doing significant projects for high-ranking companies. These hands-on opportunities will help develop your first-hand knowledge and provide you with the experience of solving real-world business challenges.

The Oregon MBA has a large network of support and resources. Their staff, faculty and industry connections are committed to helping you lead in the future. By gaining industry-wide relationships and leadership experience, you will have a competitive advantage once you enter the global workforce. 

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