Master Biomedical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology
Source: Stevens Institute of Technology

“I was really grateful for the opportunity to perform innovative research with faculty who were excellent mentors. It was because of this research that I managed to obtain my current position as an associate project engineer at the Institute of Musculoskeletal Science & Education (IMSE)…” – Anna Kedzierska, Biomedical Engineering Graduate, Stevens Institute of Technology

Set against the twinkling lights of the Manhattan skyline, Stevens Institute of Technology is a stellar private research university in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Founded by the minds behind the first steam ferries and the modern railroad system, innovation has been the lifeblood of this school since its humble start in 1870. Now, the Institute comprises three schools and one comprehensive college, inspiring a tight-knit community of 6,600 students at undergraduate- and graduate-level.

Source: Stevens Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute promotes a distinctly collaborative environment, one that’s inherently cross-disciplinary, forward-focused and entrepreneurial. But this is an education that’s known for being different, driven by technical training, teamwork, real-world design projects, internships and co-operative opportunities.

“Innovation can come from anywhere, all you need is a vision and a place to make it happen,” the Faculty explains.

“Stevens Institute of Technology is where the makers come to bring ideas to life. You’ll find us in the lab, in our dorms, at the Stevens Venture Centre and in the news,” it adds. “We love people who think a little differently; people who want to shake things up…We’re all about the whys, the why nots and the what ifs – because you can never ask too many questions.”

The Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Stevens strives to enhance the interconnectivity of science and engineering, encouraging students and faculty to pursue cutting-edge technologies from concept through to commercialisation, all while preserving the ideals of elite higher learning.

Here, the MEng in Biomedical Engineering empowers possibilities in biomedical solutions. With this degree – specifically-designed to elevate your career – you’ll conduct unparalleled research and design life-changing technology. Graduates of this programme thrive in industry, academia, medicine and beyond, benefitting from transcendent prospects in the biomedical sphere.

Blending advanced study in engineering, biology, life sciences, medicine, clinical applications and bioethics, students here are given the freedom to pursue topics that invigorate them most. You’ll explore emerging fields alongside an actively patenting faculty, testing and modelling new devices in boundary-breaking labs.

Source: Stevens Institute of Technology

Flexible and design-oriented, the master’s presents multiple opportunities for you to work with industry powerhouses, ensuring you leave equipped to make waves in the world as soon as you graduate. You’ll excel in a career with both clinical and research institutions, or see your degree become a stepping stone to a range of professional schools, including medical, dental, veterinarian and physical therapy.

Unrivalled programme features:

  • Flexible curriculum
  • Part- or full-time enrolment
  • Optional research or clinical thesis
  • Credit for on-the-job projects with your current employer
  • Extensive hands-on laboratory experience
  • Research with clinical collaborators
  • Availability of evening and online courses

Focus areas:

  • Biomechanics and Physiology
  • Bioinstrumentation and Neural Engineering
  • Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

The Department’s Manhattan backdrop is a treasure trove of perks, allowing you to forge your own professional network in New York City – an international nerve centre of pharmaceutical, medical research and technology. The juggernauts of biomedical device design are located on your doorstep, allowing you to delve right into New Jersey’s roaring biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, gaining access to career opportunities most could scarcely imagine.

Source: Stevens Institute of Technology

It’s a truly incomparable programme, while the Institute itself is unlike any other. That’s why US News and World Report has recognised Stevens as one of the nation’s top universities since 2011. Graduates are highly respected and increasingly in demand, championed for their current, versatile skillsets and solutions-oriented talent.

And when you leave Stevens Institute, you never really leave. You join a global alumni network more than 40,000 strong, contributing to the growth and momentum of the school and the world at large.

“You can never…think of a problem that’s too big to solve,” the Faculty concludes, “you just have to be willing to work, and rework, because reworking is where the magic happens. And if you ever get stuck, or lost or the answer’s just out of reach, you’ll have a community of creative thinkers to help you turn broken into ground-breaking.

“There’s no such thing as failure here. If you haven’t succeeded yet, it’s because you’re trying something that’s never been done before…you’re a pioneer, an innovator. You’re dancing at the very edge of what’s next.”

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