Marshall University: A unique practical focus in Media and the Arts

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” Jim Morrison

Forged on a tradition of the extraordinary and inspired, Marshall University is a known pioneer of global student talent. Emphasizing skill, scholarship and personal development, this institution serves as the bedrock for graduate success, instilling students with the tools they need to flourish in a complex modern world.

Establishing media as an industry with global impact and relevance, Marshall’s College of Media and the Arts shapes student passions into a long-term career. Here, students master both the science and craft of powerful communication, entering the 21st century workforce as artists, journalists, musicians, actors, and just about everything you’ll find in between.

The W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Communication provides an expansive portfolio of dedicated communications programs. Understanding that theory means nothing without real-world application, these students do so much more than sit through endless communication lectures, actively producing news, music, talk and sporting programs for state-wide broadcast and webcasts. But it’s not just about putting your name on finished projects before stashing them out of sight, out of mind in a dingy desk drawer, but rather entering working life readily-equipped with a stunning show reel; or established with a by-line in a real-world publication; or even armed with vibrant multimedia portfolio to stand as a recognized feather in your graduate cap.

If you have any concern about being far from home, or that your English isn’t quite up to scratch to keep pace in this dynamic learning environment, fear not. Marshall is part of the INTO program that helps smooth the transition into American university life by providing English Language Programs and full support throughout your university experience, from airport pick-ups to housing issues.

To boost your confidence in your study skills, the English program is designed to improve your language skills for academic, personal or professional purposes. They also offer Academic Pathway programs for those students who haven’t quite hit the required English level for entry into a US college. After this though, you’ll be so confident in both your oral and critical writing abilities that you can focus purely on the media content of your degree course.

In terms of strategic communication, Marshall’s catalog is enriched with respected courses in advertising and public relations (PR). Here, students conceive, prepare and pitch campaigns to real clients, promising invaluable industry insights that bode well in their future career. Meanwhile, the School’s journalism mavericks explore every facet of this diverse form, from print, to broadcast, digital, sports and beyond, giving students the chance to specialize in their discipline of choice.

In terms of radio/television production and management, emphasis is placed on the compelling video element, granting participants the option to write, shoot and edit video stories that expertly blend the elements of both sound and motion. “The interdisciplinary program draws from mass communications and the arts to create polished, professional products,” the Faculty explains.

  1. Page Pitt School students are pioneers of media production, creating the visual and print narratives that enthral our eager minds. The Parthenon, for example, is a daily, student-run newspaper, which also runs in print every Tuesday and Friday, as well as any time students get the scoop on breaking news. WMUL FM 88.1 also broadcasts 24-hours a day, seven days a week. This student-run facility airs music, sports and talk shows, and truly embodies its trademark phrase by standing at ‘The Cutting Edge’.

In addition to this, MU Report is a 15-minute television news show that broadcasts state-wide every other Sunday, and also made available as a webcast and on YouTube. There’s also Seven Arrow; a student-run advertising/PR creative services agency that serves real life clients both on-campus and within the Huntington business community, bringing students face-to-face with relevant challenges – and of course rewards – of industry long before they graduate.

“We are concentrating on building our video and online strengths,” the Faculty explains. “The television and radio stations are fully-digital, and we are opening our ‘disruption’ lab for collaborative media projects. The television and radio stations are also fully-digital and the newsroom works with state-of-the-art computers and digital cameras, plus they are experimenting with drones and virtual reality gear.

“The W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications is incorporating and adapting the new technologies in the industry,” the Faculty concludes. “Traditional news and information processes work alongside new concepts such as content creation, information architecture and digital imaging.”

All students are required to pursue a relevant internship position, no matter what their chosen discipline or communication form, to gain an industry-relevant accolade that helps elevate success in the search for graduate work. Each major boasts a distinct connection with at least one organization – including the American Advertising Federation, the National Broadcast Society and the Public Relations Student Society of America – bridging the gap between academia and the professional world.

Here, students learn skills that are adaptable and transferrable, with graduates quickly climbing the ranks to management, or even into other fields to start their own unique business venture. In the US and other global regions, more and more employers from non-media industries are seeking mass communications expertise to help their business soar, highlighting the lucrative prospects within global media.

And with both Careercast and The Washington Post forecasting considerable growth within the advertising and PR markets, not to mention the status of media communications among the Top 50 College Majors, opportunities to forge your legacy are broad to say the least.

If you aspire to build a career in this captivating field, Marshall University is the ideal place to start, placing a unique practical focus on Media and the Arts.

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