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Marlborough College Malaysia: Welcoming students to an exciting new year ahead

Excitement is brewing at Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM). With the start of the new school year around the corner, students aged three to 18 are readying to journey to Johor, where the 90-acre campus awaits. Some are returning students, others have just enrolled — either way, MCM is prepared to welcome each and every one of them with open arms.

At the helm of this is the new Master of the school, Mr. Simon Burbury. Initially dreaming of becoming a musician, he found his passion for education as an 18-year-old leading a children’s wind band. After stints as a music teacher and director of youth orchestras, he completed his Post Graduate Certification in Education at the University of Cambridge and concentrated his full efforts on becoming an educator.

Mr.Burbury worked in schools across the world, including Egypt, Singapore and Scotland before MCM brought him to Malaysia. The international day and boarding school —Marlborough College in Wiltshire, England — is an institution with an illustrious 175-year history. It’s an environment he’s described as “really special”.

“Marlborough College in the UK and Marlborough College in Malaysia are inextricably linked by more than just a name and set of values,” he explains. “The two schools enjoy academic, creative and philanthropic collaborations, as well as exchanges, joint international trips and healthy competition; all to the benefit of pupils on both sides of the world. The Marlborough spirit runs deep across both campuses. The authenticity of this relationship is quite unique.”

With Mr. Burbury, this new school year is set to be the best yet. In particular, he aims to expand the opportunities students have beyond the classroom. “The breadth of experiences students can enjoy at Marlborough College Malaysia, beyond the academic curriculum, is quite outstanding,” he says. “We have trips to all corners of the globe: academic trips to UK and US universities, sports trips such as skiing in Japan, football in Thailand, scuba diving in Tioman, Malaysia, cultural trips and exchanges to Europe, more local service and outreach projects in Singapore and Johor.”

“These experiences are genuinely formative for young people, and develop and shape the person as a whole, and whilst the impact of these things on a person’s development can’t be measured in the same way as exams, they are, arguably, even more important in ensuring our young adults head out into the world with confidence, a sense of self, a strong moral compass, social responsibility, ambition, and belief in themselves as individuals.”

Marlborough College Malaysia

MCM’s 90-acre campus is located in Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia. Source: Marlborough College Malaysia

It helps that Marlborough College Malaysia is already home to outstanding facilities. In the realm of sports, it is, according to Mr. Burbury, “second to none”. Facilities include a climbing arena, 50m pool, squash and tennis courts, a specialist gymnastics hall, state-of-the art gym, golf driving range, covered 4G pitch, an Astro pitch, 400m athletics track and rugby, football, and cricket pitches as far as the eye can see. Many events are held across the school year to encourage athletic participation.

“For those more artistically-minded, there are numerous music ensembles, Art studios, practice rooms, a robot wars arena and several theatre spaces to enjoy,” adds Mr. Burbury. “Off-site, pupils can enjoy activities from scuba-diving to horse-riding. We also have our own lake, for boating and fishing, and our very own farm. It is quite breathtaking.”

It’s a testament to the school’s commitment to providing every opportunity for its students to explore their interests, learn new skills and find their passion. Students take part in all sorts of activities — from taking part in outreach programmes to participating in the Lectern Club, which invites Sixth Formers for an evening of fine conversation, etiquette and speeches. Every new day at Marlborough College Malaysia is different and exciting.

Marlborough College Malaysia

Mr. Burbury’s professional journey has taken him to schools around the world. Source: Marlborough College Malaysia

Boarders are privy to an award-winning boarding environment where they receive round-the-clock pastoral care and guided independence, offering the best possible preparation for life beyond school. In particular, parents in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and other “short-haul” destinations in the region are beginning to send their children to MCM in droves.

“It makes sense; children can enjoy the benefits of boarding during the week, avoiding long commutes, but MCM remains close enough that parents can still visit for Parents’ Evenings, coffee mornings, sports matches and concerts,” says Mr. Burbury. “It’s a win-win for these families.”

Combined, it guarantees an environment designed to enrich the whole student — academically and as independent thinkers. This only guarantees that by the time their time at MCM is up, students will have had an enriching, vibrant and unparalleled schooling experience.

For now, however, they’re exhilarated about the new school year — one that will leave an indelible mark on them for years to come.

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