Camper van holidays are popular among students - but why?
Would you travel by road instead of plane? Source: Unsplash

You may already have read the story about the US couple who defied traditional academic conventions to earn their MBAs out on the open road.

Proving that it’s possible to keep an internet connection going for important coursework dates while showing other students that it’s possible if you set your mind to it, this campervan couple triumphed through their alternative study trip.

So, what would be the benefits of jumping on the bandwagon (or campervan, should we say) and choosing to follow this student travel trend?

Hiding away from hotel fees

One obvious answer would be the fact that you can save money while sleeping in the van. No matter where you end up parking, you’ll always have a bed and household facilities to accompany you.

This is a huge advantage for those on a strict student budget, who can’t afford extortionate room service fees or hidden extras for hotel tax and fluffy pillows.

Instead, home is where your wheels are and you won’t have to pay more money for a fabulous balcony view as you can park up right beside one!

Be as free as the wildlife. Source: Giphy

No need to set your alarm clock

After semesters filled with strict lecture times and early morning wake up calls, don’t you just want to go with the flow and throw time out the window?

Rather than stressing yourself out with itinerary schedules and organised fun, travelling by camper means you can spend hours gazing at the breathtaking scenery without anyone saying you have just five minutes to get back on the bus.

It’s time to chill and leave that alarm clock back at university.

Throw time away! Source: Giphy

Wi-Fi connections are everywhere

If you went back a thousand years, the concept of Wi-Fi would be called a form of witchcraft. But we live in the digital age and that means we have HUGE technological travel advantages.

If you have any serious issues regarding exams, essays or coursework while on your study break, you’ll can always find camping spots with free internet connection.

This is also handy for Netflix sessions, but perhaps stay away from horror films that feature vacationers taking wrong turns…

Try not to watch the film ‘Deliverance’. Source: Giphy

Camper vans are seriously cool

What’s the point of travelling by camper if you’re not going to get a few cliché Instagram or Facebook photos out of it?!

Let’s face it – camper vans are cool! Whether your budget permits you a vintage or high-tech model, it’s guaranteed to have character and presents a unique experience to fill out your university days.

Just imagine playing your favourite songs and driving down the freeway with your fellow student friends – a great image right?!

Badman camper van! Source: Giphy

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