74.5 percent of international students in Japan choose to stay after graduation. Source: Carlos Quiapo/Unsplash.

A recent survey has found 74.5 percent of Japan’s international students choose to remain in the country after graduating, Nippon reports.

The Japan Student Services Organisation (Jasso) conducted the survey to assess the number of international students who choose to stay in Japan even after their studies come to an end.

It found just under a quarter of graduates returned to their home countries, two percent moved to a new country and the remaining near-three-quarters stayed in Japan.

The survey analysed data from students who completed programmes at Japanese universities and other higher education institutes, excluding language schools. Over 80 percent of the international students who graduated from colleges of technology and junior colleges chose to stay in Japan and around 70 percent of university and graduate school students remained in Japan after their studies were complete.

Japan’s number of international graduates remaining in the country saw a drop with doctoral students, where less than half of students stayed, most of them returning to their home countries.

The full results as published by Nippon are below.

Academic level Employment Further study Other* Total
Doctorate program 19.4 percent 1.8 percent 24.3 percent 45.5 percent
Master’s program 34.2 percent 16.6 percent 11.3 percent 62.2 percent
Degree course for professional job 34.4 percent 6.0 percent 11.8 percent 52.3 percent
University (undergraduate) 41.8 percent 17.2 percent 9.2 percent 68.2 percent
Junior college 49.2 percent 25.2 percent 7.3 percent 81.7 percent
College of technology (kōtō senmon gakkō) 10.2 percent 77.1 percent 1.2 percent 88.6 percent
Vocational college (senmon gakkō) 28.0 percent 43.8 percent 15.3 percent 87.1 percent
Preparatory educational course 5.0 percent 81.9 percent 1.0 percent 87.8 percent
Total 31.1 percent 30.6 percent 12.7 percent 74.5 percent

* Other includes but is not limited to preparation for employment and/or further study.

The survey looked at data for the 2016-17 academic year and analysed a total of 34,679 international student responses.

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