long-distance relationship
Many young couples are forced to do long-distance relationships when leaving to study abroad. Source: Scott Olson/AFP

The lucky ones get to go to uni with their boyfriend or girlfriend. The rest of us deal with the ups, downs and perils of long-distance relationships.

Whether moving to a new country or transferring schools, no matter the distance, leaving your partner is never easy.

While many would say that long-distance relationships are too difficult and do not work out, they can absolutely succeed. 

In fact, many couples have shared that being geographically separated has strengthened their relationship

Though it may not be the easiest thing to do, especially while juggling university life, many have found a way to make it work. 

The statistics on long-distance relationships support this.

According to a study by the American Counselling Association, approximately 75% of college students in the US have been in a long-distance relationship. It was found that 58% of these relationships survive the distance. 

It’s not the same but with video calls, messages, and social media, couples can now communicate from anywhere around the world despite the distance.

Of course, it isn’t easy, but the situation is not hopeless if both parties are dedicated to making it work.

Here are five tips to help make your long-distance relationship easier:

long-distance relationship

Without the right approach, being separated from your significant other can put a strain on your relationship. Source: Oswaldo Rivas/AFP

Schedule video calls

This is the most obvious but video calls or Facetiming is a must. Better still, schedule a virtual date night where you’ll cook, watch Netflix, do homework or just chill with each other.

Or just get silly! Snap Camera lets you put on all the SnapChat filters during your FaceTime session — and trust, emojis to bridge the distance between two persons in an LDR.

Know each other’s schedules

In any relationship, it is important to stay connected. However, this may be difficult when you and your partner are not in the same country and facing different time zones.

Familiarising yourself with each other’s schedules will ensure you avoid calling them in the middle of class or while they are sleeping. 

This will also let you know of any small or big events happening in their life, such as an exam, presentation or job interview. 

But don’t get paranoid when you see on social media that your partner isn’t where their calendar says they should be — life happens and plans change, they’re not cheating on you.

long-distance relationship

Thanks to technology, couples can now stay connected from anywhere around the world. Source: Jorge Uzon/AFP

Do things together

Finding things to do together in a long-distance relationship helps to make you feel more connected. So get creative and plan something spontaneous and fun to do that you will both enjoy.

Whether reading the same book, watching the same movie while on a video call or eating the same food, having shared experiences gives you both something to look forward and later talk about.

Make visits to see each other

The best part of a long-distance relationship is when you are finally reunited and back in each other’s arms.  

After all the waiting and “I miss you’s,” you’ll finally be able to meet each other and spend quality time together. No moment will feel any sweeter than this.

While this may not always be the easiest due to distance and money constraints, try to plan a visit to see each other throughout the semester. This will help reduce the long periods apart by a little bit. 

Visiting each other will bring you closer together as you can explore the city they are in and meet their friends. 

Be your partner’s number one fan 

Since you are both students, it is important to remember that your education is equally as important.

You can support one another by helping each other in your studies. At the end of the day, you would want to see your partner succeed. 

If your partner is into any extracurricular activities, though you are far away, you can still support them by giving them moral support and cheering them on.

Getting someone to record their game is a great way to catch the game while not being there physically.