Llandovery College is a broad-ability day and boarding school providing outstanding opportunities for girls and boys from the ages of 3-18. The college is both nationally and internationally renowned for its academic achievements, sporting and musical achievements.

The college is located in Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, a small community and market town situated on the river Tywi. The campus is open but safe, since the school has been made deliberately small so that you child can be cared for and valued as an individual. The primary aim of the staff at Llandovery is to bring out the best in your child through nurturing their talents, giving them every opportunity to discover new skills and interests, and to stimulate inquiring minds.


A Llandovery education stands apart in the values and attitudes of its young men and women. Compassion, tolerance, kindness, integrity, generosity of spirit and a commitment to service-over-self underpin a dedication to academic excellence. Academic performance is the primary concern of the staff at Llandovery, but there is so much more to life at boarding school than what occurs in the classroom; staff at Llandovery College firmly believe that a healthy mind in a healthy body is the key to all-round development, and with this goal in mind, they provide a variety of leisure activities and physical sports that are open to all of their pupils. Their in-depth and varied co-curricular programme aids their pupils’ spiritual, moral and social well-being, which will lead to success both inside and outside of the classroom.