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In the pursuit of greatness, the classroom is just the beginning. The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) believes that a vibrant life outside the confines of lectures and textbooks holds the key to unlocking students’ true potential. It is in these dynamic experiences, where friendships are forged, passions ignited, and dreams take flight, that they discover the extraordinary power within themselves. Some even feel compelled to build something as intricate as a rocket.

Take Gonzalo Adolfo Villalobos Lopez from Mexico, for instance. Since young,  Gonzalo has been enthralled by the idea of taking machines apart and reconstructing them to be better. Approaching the end of his high school career, he realised mechatronics was the path to take. Coming across SDU’s Msc Mechatronics Cyber Physical Systems programme, he saw the university’s unique academic offerings, diverse student body, and commitment to innovation. He knew SDU would provide him with the ideal platform to nurture his passion and expand his knowledge in this cutting-edge field.

And it did. Since joining SDU, Gonzalo and his like-minded peers have started a club that’s now constructing a bi-liquid rocket that can compete in international competitions, such as Euroc and Space Port America. “Currently, we meet once a week to work on our sample engine and test stand, which will be our first milestone in developing the project. I find it very rewarding to have a club where I can take part in engineering tasks that are more closely related to the real world and without the stress of grades,” he says.

Such intellectual stimulation, grounding students in hard and soft skills, is typical of SDU. Through participation, Gonzalo has gained insight into project management, mastered the art of teamwork, finetuned his public speaking skills, and honed the crucial competency that is communication. “I also appreciate the fact that club members have a space where we can geek out about space without any judgment while also working on an amazing project,” he says.

Source: University of Southern Denmark

All engineering study programmes are located at SDU’s international campuses in Sønderborg and Odense. Source: University of Southern Denmark

Such immersion inspired Gonzalo to join the Intro Team, which is dedicated to enhancing learning journeys and coaxing students out of their shells. Gonzalo went from being a student in need of their services to serving as its chairman for two years and dedicating his spare time to helping students forge enduring connections within and beyond their programmes. It’s an impactful team, which is why Gonzalo has noticed several organisations form and expand during his time at SDU.

“Whether it be the ARC and Vikings, who are involved in amateur rocketry and car racing, or FEM and European Youth, which are dedicated to promoting feminism and European collaboration, the university caters to a diverse range of interests,” he says.

Every time history is made through a cross-polination of ideas, involved or not, students celebrate — such as when SDU students worked alongside three other universities to send a satellite into space with a Falcon 9 rocket. Alexander Björn Kerff Nielsen from Odense — where SDU’s main campus is based — was one of them.

“In the DISCO project, I’ve had to make sure all parts were moving, and all the students were up to speed with everything going on,” he says. “My responsibilities not only include PR management and outreach, but being the junction between professors, researchers, companies and the students as well — making sure everyone enjoys the journey of building CubeSats. In the process, I’ve worked with several different researchers and gained a network throughout all of Denmark.”

Source: University of Southern Denmark

An SDU education revolves around project-based, experiential exercises. Source: University of Southern Denmark

Alexander, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Physics and Technology) student, met some of his best friends today through the project, having gotten to know exchange students from Germany and Italy. He’s even broadened his horizons by working with learners from other SDU faculties. “They all share the same passion for technology, engineering and science,” he says. “Once I graduate from SDU, I aim to join a team as ambitious as DISCO and with as many great people doing what they love.”

International students with similar aspirations will be pleased to know that SDU offers a  variety of Engineering programmes in English. Each unlocks unlimited access to state-of-the-art classrooms, expert educators, team projects, chances to collaborate with the Danish industry and more — essentially, all the experiences one would need to land a 21st century job in Denmark.

All programmes are offered at SDU Odense and SDU Sønderborg. To find out which campus should be your home-away, discover the beauty of each today.

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