'Awesome' lecturer hailed for babysitting student's child during class
The mother of the child could not find a babysitter so the lecturer offered to take care of the child during class. Source: Shutterstock

A university lecturer in Texas went far beyond his duty by babysitting a student’s young child as he taught in class, leaving an entire lecture hall in awe of his act of kindness.

The mother of the baby Ashton Robinson, a student at the Texas A&M University, said she struggled to find a last-minute babysitter so she emailed Dr Henry Musoma to explain why she could not attend the lecture, The Telegraph reported.

To her surprise, the lecturer asked her to bring her baby along before he babysat the child while delivering his lecture at the same time.

“So today I emailed my professor before class saying that something came up and I didn’t have a sitter for Emmett and he called me back and said to please bring him!” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“Being a single mum is so challenging but it’s people like Dr. Henry Musoma that make life just a tiny bit easier!

“Definitely something I’ll never forget and can’t wait to someday tell Emmett that it’s because of people like this that mommy was able to graduate from the best university in the world.”

Responding to the posting, Facebook user Lola Bagwell noted that an image showed one of the baby’s socks falling off, but she was still impressed by the lecturer’s kindness.

“That was the 2nd thing I thought (of the falling socks), the first being man, what an incredible man he must be, need more teachers/professors like him!!!”

Another user, Angela Sanchez, also praised the lecturer’s character.

“This man right here is an awesome person with a gentle spirit… I’ve known Professor Henry for years.. He also has a sense of humor and always has a smile.”

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