least racist countries
A woman takes part in the "Women’s March for a united Netherlands" calling for people across the country to vote against hate ahead of the Dutch parliamentary elections, in Amsterdam on March 11, 2017. - The Dutch parliamentary elections are set to take place on March 15, 2017. (Photo by EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP)

No country is free of racists and while finding the least racist countries for Black students might be difficult, don’t give up just yet.

Racism has been around for a long time, causing wars and enslaving millions. It is still experienced by billions of people every day — including international students.

While all minority groups are affected, Black students face a special set of circumstances and treatment that put them at a disadvantage compared to other students.

In one UK report, more than half of Black students surveyed said they had been victims of racism while living in UK student accommodation, and nearly two-thirds had witnessed racism.

“These experiences ranged from insensitivity around things like hair or food, to the use of racial slurs, to spitting, shouting and physical violence,” found the report, “Living Black at University.”

In the US, Black students have increased anxiety and poor mental health outcomes as a result of racism, according to one study.

In another survey report by the United Negro College Fund, historically Black colleges and universities students said it’s been hard to “cope with the constant death and sickness around me.”

One student said: “Dealing with COVID-19, the police brutality, and trying to come up with money to pay for the fall semester is [causing] me a lot of stress and anxiety because either way it’s the stress of trying not to get sick, not getting killed by police or finding a way to pay for school that has me on edge.”

It’s a bleak outlook for the US but the good news is there are countries that do better than this.

The 3 least racist countries towards Black students in the world

least racist countries

Many Black students are fighting for the right to racial equality in education. Source: Paras Griffin/AFP

The Netherlands 

The Netherlands has slowly been making an effort to overcome racism in the country.

One of their methods included establishing an Internet discrimination hotline for any victims of racist and xenophobic crimes. 

According to US News, the Netherlands is not only one of the least racist countries in Europe, but also thest country for racial equality in the world.

During Black History Month, the University of Groningen started the African Students Community (ASC) to create a safe community for people to come together. 

As part of the ASC, events were organised to share Black culture, cuisine and heritage. This also provided members with professional networking opportunities.


In Canada, universities are making an effort to ensure that their students can live peacefully while studying. In 2022, the University of Waterloo introduced a new academic programme to its curriculum in support of Black students. 

The diploma in Black Studies and Fundamentals of Anti-Racist Communication is offered to all students. Aside from that, the university has plans to support Black entrepreneurship and increase anti-racist community engagement. 

Another university that is also making an effort to overcome racism is Dalhousie Univerity.

To increase the number of minorities enrolled at the university, 40 seats were set aside for Indigenous and Vlack students.

The university also offers a minor in Black and African Diaspora Studies that look at the diverse histories and cultures of African-Canadian people.

Norway, one of the least racist countries in the world for Black students, is stronger because it is committed to enforcing laws such as the comprehensive Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act of 2017. Source: Fredrik Varfjell/AFP


Ranked the third best in racial equality in the world by US News, Norway has been committed to fighting racism and religious discrimination for many years now.

It recognises that racism and racial discrimination make it hard for Black people to get jobs, and has set policies to help overcome this. 

It also aims to become a country where all citizens will have equal opportunity to succeed regardless of their skin colour, as seen by the passing of the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act in 2006.