Learning style
Find out which type of learner you are with this quiz! Source: Austin Distel/Unsplash

Let’s face it – everyone has a different learning style.

For auditory learners, it’s easier to absorb information through the sense of hearing, while visual learners recall information best by seeing.

On totally different ends of the spectrum, each study style demands different modes of learning.

For instance, visual learners may prefer sitting at the front of the classroom where they can see the instructor clearly and analyse their body language, and write things down rather than record them.

But auditory learners may find comfort in audiotapes, in recorded lectures and reading textbooks aloud…

So, which learning style are you?

Do you like to have a pen and paper handy?


Do you easily remember names?


Do you ever repeat phone numbers in order to remember them?

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Would you say you're talkative in class?


Are you someone who often has their headphones in?


Do you struggle with understanding graphs and diagrams?


Do you remember how people looked and dressed in the past?


Quiz: Are you a visual or auditory learner?
You're an auditory learner

Depending on speaking and listening, auditory learning may be your preferred education style. You follow spoken directions well and could be an articulate speaker. Suggested learning methods for you would be to use audiotapes when learning a new language, to participate in group discussions and record lectures so you can play them back later on.
You're a visual learner

Do you benefit from taking your own notes? Are you detail-oriented? The quiz results point towards you being a visual learner. Key learning methods for you would be to use flashcards, to write down keywords, to watch educational videos and to use mind maps that track large amounts of information.

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