Learn to master the global marketplace at Northeastern University
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Learn to master the global marketplace at Northeastern University

Since high school, Tamara Al-Homsi has dreamed of working with the United Nations — a feat she knew she could achieve with the right education.

The D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, where 13,000 students represent 147 countries, proved itself to be the best fit for her to take the next step toward her dream.

Earning her BS in Business Administration at D’Amore-McKim inspired Al-Homsi’s move to the U.S. from Kuwait, but it was the MS in International Management that convinced her to stay. “I felt fully immersed in the college experience,” she says. “My professors and other students supported me throughout my undergraduate experience, and I wanted to continue my education in this thriving environment.”

Above all else, Al-Homsi knew the MS in International Management would help her lead in this disruptive age – and on a global scale. She wished to expand her commercial knowledge and master the art of catering to every market. The growth of her professional profile and confidence is proof she’s achieved these goals.

D’Amore-McKim’s MS in International Management develops culturally-agile global leaders with advanced abilities to leverage data and technology to deliver creative solutions. This combination is crucial for strategizing and executing complex business plans in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Students can choose electives in financial reporting and managerial decision making, international finance management, competing to win in emerging markets, global managerial economics, international marketing, and global supply chain strategy.

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Experience-powered learning opportunities bring this curriculum to life. Students can take part in D’Amore-McKim’s unique “Make Your Case” consulting program. By tackling a real business issue faced by a company aligned with your career aspirations, you’ll grasp the basics of storytelling and case-writing, polish your problem-solving skills, and network with your chosen industry’s top professionals. “I wrote a case study on a business in Barcelona that builds fire safety systems for companies in 40 countries,” shares graduate Stephanie Manna. “At the end of the project, I presented my analysis and recommendations as if I were her consultant. This project wasn’t just a hypothetical exercise — it took my education to a whole new level of realness.”

For Al-Homsi’s “Make Your Case” project, she wrote a business case for an international organization. “I utilized the fundamental business knowledge I learned in my research to produce high-level work,” she explains. “Classes like these have opened my eyes to new ways to think about global workforce management and global development.”

Other experiences that amplify classroom learning include recommending stocks and managing investments for the 360 Huntington Fund; mentoring or launching your own start-up through the IDEA Student-Led Venture Accelerator; and gaining intense exposure to the global business environment with an International Field Study.

Photo by Adam Glanzman for Northeastern University

Talk with someone who has been there, and you’ll hear about the Northeastern advantage. Once you graduate, you’ll join this network of over 275,000 graduates residing in more than 90 countries.

The journey to get there is worth it —ask graduate Alix Crichton. After completing the MS in International Management, she took on a customer service job with a French company in industrial lifting. In the span of two years, she was promoted and now works in strategic business development.

“It’s been only two years since I got my degree, and I’m already where I want to be professionally,” she says. “The program played a huge role in my personal development—I learned to sell myself, express my ambition clearly, and adapt to different cultures more easily.”

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