Leading law schools that produce agile talent for the jobs of tomorrow
Miami Law

A degree that doesn’t limit your potential, the study of law can lead students down multiple fields such as media, commerce, social work, politics and more.

Agile in nature, by studying law, you will not pigeonhole your talents; instead, you’ll open yourself up to continuously master new tools knowledge even after graduation.

To maximise your career potential and feel prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, you must search for leading law schools that acknowledge what the future of law looks like and practice progressive learning methods.

Envisioning future law schools and their strategic benefits, Forbes believes there is many different features of forthcoming legal education.

Speaking to PhD Law graduate and Innovation Consultant at Ukrainian Catholic University Law School, Denis Ivanov, about what future law schools will look like, Forbes unveiled the insightful elements every aspiring legal practitioner should watch out for.

As listed, the first factor outlined by Ivanov is the creation of multicultural academic groups, “This would help students get a lot of software skills inside the university environment.”

The second is the need for “Project-based learning. Active learning where students independently control their own learning in groups, asking the professor for help only when necessary.”

Following in third is “Collaborations with law schools, legal clinics, laboratories, incubators and accelerators from around the world where law students can learn from entrepreneurs and become entrepreneurs themselves.”

The fourth factor is “Strategic partnerships with non-law schools in the fields of political science, economics, philosophy, anthropology, and STEM. Law students can interact with students from other universities in basic courses to develop the ability to work productively and collectively on multidisciplinary projects.”

And the fifth concludes with “Cooperation with law firms, IT companies, and the state, as this will ensure the continuing relevance of the curriculum.”

Combining all five elements, law schools will be labelled as future-facing and capable of producing agile talent for the jobs of tomorrow.

By linking strategic partnerships, collaborations, project-based learning, multicultural academic groups and cooperation with law firms together, the future looks bright for any student who chooses to further their education at a law school that follows these principles.

Here are 5 leading law schools in the US that support agile talent…


Effectively responding to the industry demands of modern law and contemporary business challenges, the School of Law at the University of Miami enables aspiring legal practitioners to become agile employees.

With experience teaching international lawyers for 60+ years, The University of Miami School of Law partners an international perspective with exceptional career-building and externship opportunities in courts, corporations and clinics.

Through top LL.M pathways, such as the general US & Transnational Law for Foreign-Trained Lawyers, or specialisations in Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law, International Arbitration, Intensive Legal English + LLM, International Law (Inter-American), Maritime Law, Real Estate/Property Development (also online), Tax Law, Taxation of Cross-Border Investment (also online) and Joint JD + LLM programmes, you’ll fast-track your career with hands-on experience and professional exposure.

Miami Law

It’s a collaborative community where students support and look out for each other, so you’ll develop your legal area of interest with ease and excel your work experience – especially as Miami is home to the headquarters of multinational corporations such as Disney, Sony and FedEx.

With many student success stories to justify the progress you’ll make at Miami School of Law, you too can join the school’s growing global alumni network and request information about your preferred legal route today.


A top-ranked US law school offering a world-class faculty, a diverse student body and a warm community, Emory University School of Law is set in a sophisticated urban setting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Continuing a legacy of diversity, the school secured a firm place in the US News & World Report Best Law Schools for 2020. Its unique approach to experiential learning opportunities and individual career strategy services, along with its innovative curriculum, is what sets Emory’s legal graduates apart.

With a multi-faceted Master of Laws (LLM) programme, complete with a customisable curriculum, students can take a broad range of courses or focus on one of Emory Law’s many signature areas of strength such as transactional/business law, human rights law or global health law.

Emory School of Law

“I chose Emory Law because it is an internationally recognised institution of higher learning, known for its academic excellence and prominent faculty members…there are so many interesting and topical courses, clinics and externships a student can pick from,” LLM graduate Lerato Oguntoye explains.

A leading law school producing agile lawyers ready to face the challenges of modern law through innovative and experiential programmes, find out what Emory can offer you and your future career.


Located in the heart of Boston and housed in the ultra-modern Sumner M. Redstone Building and Law Tower, the BU School of Law at Boston University is a top-tier law school with a faculty recognised nationally for exceptional teaching.

At BU, you can choose from five core LLM programmes such as the LLM in American Law, which is one of the nation’s premier programmes for global practitioners seeking to learn how US lawyers think, approach legal problems and handle client matters.

Boston University School of Law

Or the Executive LLM in International Business Law, which brings together a global network of accomplished professionals from a broad range of legal practices, industries and businesses seeking intensive exposure to the core legal topics facing transnational enterprises.

With the support of a global network of nearly 24,000 alumni and a robust Career Development & Public Service Office, BU graduates achieve remarkable career success and are destined for exceptional achievements in the future sectors of law.


A powerful investment in your future, WashULaw School at Washington University in St. Louis equips students with knowledge and skills to ethically and effectively practice law and pursue justice in a dynamic and globally interconnected legal environment.

The school’s wide variety of courses helps students tap into their unique interest and career goals while providing the training to excel in both legal reasoning and practice techniques.

WashU Law School

Programmes for international students include the LLM for International Lawyers, the LLM in IP/Technology Law, the Two-Year LLM for Foreign Lawyers and the Juris Scientiae Doctoris (JSD).

Fostering a vibrant intellectual culture, characterised by a rigorous exchange of views and the production and dissemination of influential research, the school cultivates a collaborative and supportive community of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

As soon as you set foot on this open, park-like campus, you become part of a like-minded community, with a warm learning culture and a lasting drive to succeed. Life there is diverse, inclusive and action-fuelled – just what you need to enter and succeed in the fast-paced fields of law.

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