Lead the digital change with La Trobe Business School
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Lead the digital change with La Trobe Business School

Take control of your business career at the world-leading La Trobe University.

Scoring high in the 2018/2019 QS Graduate Employability Rankings, La Trobe University ranks 14th in Australia, fourth in Victoria and in the top 300 universities worldwide.

Granting undergraduate students the complete toolkit to lead the digital change, La Trobe’s Business School graduates are known for their boundless knowledge of tech trends, transferable skills and desirable candidacy for tomorrow’s business environment.

After transforming our personal lives and the business landscape, digital technology has since become the focus of many university degrees.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses and organisations face new challenges, urging them to seek new graduates with the right skills to tackle these problems and work in new environments

That’s why La Trobe’s programmes equip you to respond to the latest challenges facing businesses and industries today.

Source: La Trobe Business School

Bachelor of Digital Business

Keen to unlock the potential of technology and various digital platforms to improve the performance of your business skills?

Excited to explore the fundamentals of conducting business, including buying and selling, over online channels?

Driven to discover the most effective way to harness social media and mobile channels to deliver leading marketing campaigns?

If so, the La Trobe Bachelor of Digital Business welcomes you to the world of modern business, teaching you about the topics above and more!

Developed in consultation with industry leaders, business professionals and data specialists, the degree enables you to identify, source, extract and analyse information from industry-leading software tools and digital platforms, to interpret sales and evaluate marketing opportunities using critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities and to work with new and existing business models, both online and offline, to support and improve decision making.

After completing this versatile degree, you’ll become highly employable across a range of business settings.

Source: La Trobe Business School

From the role of business analyst to management consultant, digital business analyst (social media and e-commerce), asset investment analyst, innovation consultant, market research analyst, business intelligence analyst, digital marketing manager, social media officer and multimedia developer – your career avenues will be endless.

“La Trobe’s Bachelor of Digital Business is an excellent response to the constantly changing world of business. The skills and knowledge it teaches are what employers are looking for from graduates. I certainly would’ve studied the programme had it been offered years ago,” CEO Cameron McIntyre, La Trobe University Alumnus, explains.

If this degree sparks your interest and you want to find out more about future career roles, the academic framework or the application process for this programme, click here and connect to the business community at La Trobe.

Bachelor of Business Analytics

Technology has changed the way businesses operate, with access to more data than ever before, analytics professionals are in high demand.

Source: La Trobe Business School

To be at the top of your game, the La Trobe Bachelor of Business Analytics expects students to develop a strong foundation in traditional business models, to learn how to identify commercial opportunities and solve important industry challenges.

With this degree, you’ll develop a strong foundation in traditional business models and learn how to identify commercial opportunities, solve business challenges and drive innovation from data. You’ll also gain the communication skills needed to take complex data and explain it to business leaders in a way that informs action.

Once you’ve received your qualification, you’ll get the chance to enter a diverse business profession of your choice, as rapid growth in business analytics has created a demand for graduates who can work at the intersection of business and IT to manage, construct and use data and IT systems to support business decision making.

Digital business analysts are in short supply and high demand across a wide variety of industries including non-profit, health, finance, mining, energy and entertainment.

La Trobe Business School has positioned this degree in business analytics as being more technical than the degree in Digital Business, intending to produce graduates with the potential to work in more technical careers such as quantitative analyst, data scientist or business analyst.

Source: La Trobe Business School

To find out more about your career outcomes or to further analyse the academic framework of this programme, click here and see what else La Trobe has to offer.

A career-boosting Business School

Along the way, you’ll be supported by an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredited business school that treats your career as a top priority.

By studying at this digital-first institution, you’ll soon acquire the complete toolkit to lead the digital change, becoming irreplaceable in tomorrow’s business environment.

If you choose to study at La Trobe, you’ll learn the practical and soft skills that the future of worlds of work will no doubt desire and where graduates have an impressive employer satisfaction rating of 86.6 percent.

Developing the ‘whole person’, this university knows what’s needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world and your selected marketing degree will ready you for an unknown future.

Ready to thrive in a digital world driven by change and innovation?

Connect and enquire with La Trobe now, or learn more about studying at La Trobe here.

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