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Founded in 1975, London-based Language Link is a provider of University of Cambridge’s Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA).

What is CELTA?

CELTA is an internationally recognised introduction to the teaching of English. No prior teaching experience is required, which makes it ideal for those starting out on their career or simply looking to change careers by teaching in the UK or at an institution overseas. As the course is assessed by Cambridge University, CELTA is quality assured and held in high esteem around the world.

Language Link’s global network includes partnerships with schools in China, Russia Vietnam and Uzbekistan and offers its graduates teacher-training posts in these countries.



What more does CELTA give me?

  • An initial qualification as an English Language Teacher, fully-recognised by the British Council and other global educational institutions
  • Knowledge of the English language, its grammar, phonology and lexis
  • Up-to-date methodology of language teaching to adults (i.e. age 16+)

Language Link has more than 40 years of experience in providing high-quality instruction to students and teachers around the world. A hands-on, practical approach enriched with a firm foundation in theory, delivers techniques that graduate-teachers can use immediately in their lessons.

How long is the course and what’s involved?

  • Choose between a Full time 4 week course or Part time 12 week course or a Blended course
  • CELTA assessments are carried out on each course
  • Assessed Teaching Practice (6hrs)
  • Tutor and Colleague Feedback
  • Observations of experienced teachers (6hrs)

Written Assignments

  • Summary of learning outcomes after teaching practice and observations
  • Receptive skills (reading/listening), Productive Skills (speaking/writing)
  • Analysis of language for teaching purposes

In place of a final exam, students are continually assessed throughout the course.



Who Can Apply?

  • Students 18+ years with a good command of spoken and written English
  • A degree or otherwise a standard of education that would permit them entry to a higher education institution
  • Applicants Language Aptitude Test and attend an interview.

What do graduates say?

“Completing my CELTA at Language Link provided me with the practical skills and subject-based knowledge necessary for professional development in the TEFL world,” says Aysha Abdulrazak, a Language Link CELTA alumni.

“The well-known intensity of the CELTA, coupled with Language Link’s equally well-known supportive environment makes the four weeks an invaluable and surprisingly enjoyable learning experience for anyone considering this field as a career.”

No time to take a CELTA course? 

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