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Lancaster University Management School: From ambitious students to successful professionals

A quality business school experience opens many doors. But a qualification from a globally-recognised business school can make employers hold doors open for you. This is precisely the influence Lancaster University Management School’s (LUMS) graduates can have.

Ranked amongst the UK’s top 10 business schools, this quadruple-accredited institution is committed to cutting-edge knowledge and positively impacting individuals, organisations and society with its academically-leading research. Dedication to excellence is one of the reasons why its students go on to achieve long-term career success. LUMS’s effectiveness is proven by the achievements of its graduates. While all are outstanding, no two stories are ever the same.

Source: Lancaster University

Source: Lancaster University

Clara Seggewisse, from Germany (MSc Finance, 2021)

A generous LUMS scholarship brought Clara to the UK to pursue the School’s dynamic MSc Finance. What she loved most about the programme was its emphasis on real-world relevance. “It was great to not only learn the theory but to also have real-life companies to analyse in our group projects,” explains Clara. “This enabled us to apply our knowledge to the real world and understand what we were studying for.”

Today, Clara is a deals trainee at PwC Deutschland — a role she would never have come across without guidance from the LUMS careers team, who supported her throughout the selection process. “The master’s gave me the knowledge that I now use every day in my job,” she enthuses.

Kieran Arron, from the UK (MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 2021)

Kieran wanted a unique business school experience, so he came to Lancaster. “It was important to me that wherever I studied was well regarded for its world-class research and links to industry,” he says. “Thankfully, LUMS had everything I could have wanted in a university.”

The MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme was as practical as Kieran needed it to be. The course unlocked research opportunities, allowed him to have conversations about negotiation with Dr. Kostas Selviaridis, and provided the chance to understand enterprise resource planning alongside Dr. Yiyi Fan.

“Everything was important,” says Kieran, now a supply chain executive for HelloFresh. “I think my soft skills developed well beyond the level they were at when I started. The course also gets you to apply what you’re learning and researching to practical issues. At work now, I think that’s helped me effect changes quickly by being able to operationalise concepts.”

Source: Lancaster University

Source: Lancaster University

Fatin Ahmed, from the Netherlands (MSc International Business & Strategy, 2021)

Fatin Ahmed loved the real-time examples of his programme the most. Group work felt like real-life simulations of the workplace for him. “My fondest memory was when me and my group were given the task to formulate a strategy to help a bakery company to enter a new market abroad,” Ahmed says.

“We had to use the concepts and knowledge taught in our lectures to find the ideal international market for the company’s product, including to assess the threats or barriers faced and the benefits available for the company entering this new market.”

A stint in South Korea brought more exposure and inspiration. His study abroad programme at Sogang University, one of the most prestigious and competitive universities in the country, included joining classes on marketing-related subjects and the Korean language. “I can speak another foreign language which makes a total of five (with Dutch (mother tongue), German, English and Bengali),” he says.

From Lancaster to Seoul, Ahmed has been on a journey thats landed him in his dream job in the Korean entertainment sector. “After completing my study abroad programme, I landed the position of Marketing and Community Manager at NAKD SEOUL,” he says, as another successful LUMS graduate.

Shikhar Sinha, from India (MBA, 2022)

Shikhar’s story showcases LUMS’s ability to launch careers. Sinha spent 10 years with the Indian Air Force as an officer. Along the way, he began wondering what it might be like to lead in a corporate setting. His curiosity led him to LUMS’s MBA, which successfully prepared him for his dream career.

“There are many things I enjoyed about the programme, such as the opportunity to learn not only from reputed professors but also from the cohort with diverse backgrounds,” explains Sinha, now a pathways operations manager for Amazon in the UK. “I also appreciated the inclusivity of the programme, the super supportive administration; our trips to the Lake District, Prague, and London; cohesion days; celebrating festivals together; and lots of parties.”

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