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Kenvale College: Get certified to join the aged care industry

Eventually, age catches up with the people who raised us. After decades of being active members of society, they become mentally weaker, physically frailer, and in most cases, sicker. They need more love, attention, concern, understanding, and most importantly, care.

While some have their children to help with daily activities, monitor conditions, administer medication, and simply make their day –– others do not. This fact has prompted concerned souls to gain the training they need to step in.

Personal care workers hold important responsibilities. Yet, the rewards are greater still. After spending their days with people who have pretty much seen and done it all, the quality of their life and work increases.

To become one, you will need a qualification that teaches the “how” and work experience that shows the “why.” In Sydney, Australia, Kenvale College answers both questions through its Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing). The qualification will help anyone gain the knowledge they will need to close a skills gap that is only getting larger.

Kenvale College

Start with the fact that by 2050, one in six people in the world will be over the age of 65. Specifically in Australia, the aged care and disability support services sector has been growing rapidly, as has its demand for well-trained professionals.

There’s no better place to become one than at Kenvale College. It has over 50 years of experience in delivering quality vocational training to every student that walks through its doors. It is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

What’s more, an education here revolves around far more than just career prospects. You’ll achieve personal growth too. Ask graduates who have successfully launched careers in cookery, hospitality, or events and they will proudly confirm their work is as lucrative as it is fulfilling.

With their latest full-time certification programme, students will learn the best practices to care for our world’s most vulnerable people. It was designed to provide practical and technical skills while underpinning the importance of understanding each unique being. Highlighting that no two seniors are ever the same, it also emphasises the importance of relating to all races, beliefs, and social conditions.

In just 27 weeks, various topics are covered to develop professionals ready to meet the needs and expectations of the aged care industry.

Kenvale College

Its course curriculum teaches the art of communicating and working in health or community services; providing first aid, safe work practices for direct client care; complying with infection prevention and control policies and procedures; providing individualised support to patients and families; working legally and ethically; supporting people with dementia; recognising body health systems; as well as supporting the independence, wellbeing, and empowerment of the elderly.

To ensure its students are career-ready, Kenvale College emphasises the importance of applying knowledge directly in the field. Lessons are delivered in the classroom while experiential knowledge is gained through a work placement –– 120 hours worth, to be exact. Students will spend this time at Ferndale Gardens Aged Care facility, other aged care institutions, or with home care providers.

Clearly, Kenvale College has more than just experience, but also the infrastructure, community network, and resources to level up those eager to change their own lives by bettering those of others.

Upon completion of Kenvale College’s Certificate III in Individual Support, anyone will be able to land a fulfilling role as a residential aged care support worker, personal care worker for out-of-home care, or as a community care worker. Since the industry is booming across the globe, opportunities are seemingly endless. Many even continue the journey they began at their work placement facility, but as full-time carers.

If you’re ready to gain the skills and knowledge you will need to join what is arguably the most heartwarming industry in the world, learn more about Kenvale College’s brand new certification here.

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