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Kenvale College: Begin your journey to hospitality excellence online, finish in Australia

Rigorous training, industry experience, and guaranteed success –– these are the hallmarks that make Kenvale College the quality institution it is. Every year, students from across the globe flock to its picturesque Randwick, Sydney campus for a skill-building education of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, many have had to pause their plans in light of travel restrictions and stern lockdowns. However, Australia’s very first private hospitality college has proven itself to be one of the country’s most innovative as well. They’ve come up with a solution to stay true to its commitment to meet the needs of the hospitality, events, and commercial cookery industries –– no matter the circumstances.

If its offerings weren’t accessible enough before, Kenvale College is now advising international students to jumpstart their journey to qualification immediately –– from anywhere in the world. Enrollees will be able to commence their theory units offshore before completing the practical units in Sydney, Australia when governments permit.

The best part? Students will receive a 40% tuition fee reduction while studying offshore through Kenvale’s virtual Learning Vault. Any aspiration in line with Kenvale’s strength is welcomed to join.

Kenvale College

Source: Kenvale College

With the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery, students learn the art of tantalising tastebuds and plating Instagram-worthy dishes in restaurants, bistros, catering, cafes, hotels, and cruises. With this certificate, they prepare to enter a sector that is and will always be booming –– in Australia and the rest of the world. What’s more, it revolves around far more than just cooking; this qualification was designed to develop commercial cooks who hold a supervisory or team leading role in the kitchen.

The Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management prepares students for a lifetime of international success. For those passionate about travelling, greeting other travellers with a smile, and ensuring the administrative tasks of a hotel or resort are in tip-top condition –– this is the ideal qualification for it.

It empowers learners with personal development skills, confidence to lead, key interpersonal and management skills, and commitment to professionalism and service.

Can’t decide between the two? Do not fret. Both qualifications are packaged into one for an extended duration onshore.

Kenvale College

Source: Kenvale College

A student experience well worth the wait

Once students are in Australia, Kenvale College students have a lot to look forward to once it’s time to begin their practical units on site.

They can dedicate approximately 482 hours to evolve into professionals through work-based training. A typical week for a student here consists of two days of classes and approximately 20 hours of paid work experience.

The college partners with a wide range of hospitality brand names such as Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group, IHG, ICC Sydney, and Fresh Catering, and more to offer unique opportunities to its students. Take Kiceleff, an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management student from a municipality close to Zurich, Switzerland, for instance.

He landed a role as a hospitality personnel at Qantas, Australia’s largest airline. “I enjoyed it, learned a lot, and made some very good friends,” he enthuses. Whenever he was curious about new ways he could stand out in the workplace, his lecturers were always ready to help. He credits them for making him a “better and more efficient employee.”

Kenvale College

Source: Kenvale College

Life outside the classroom has proven to be equally as fruitful. So much so that he has no plans to leave Australia once he graduates — there’s a certain “je ne sais quoi,” a magnetism that draws him. “While Australia shares some of Switzerland’s qualities, it has more life to it,” he says. “There’s always something to do here and so many people to meet from all over the world.”

Thankfully, Australia has friendly immigration policies for skilled talent like Kiceleff. The country views international students as essential members of its community and economy –– diversifying its culture, contributing 40 billion Australian dollars to its economy annually, and supporting 250,000 jobs. Little wonder why in time, many stay, find a career and life they love, and become Australian citizens.

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