The university application process is very stressful for students – and that’s without the complications of applying from overseas. In addition to competing against other global applicants, international students must also meet certain standards in language proficiency and obtain a student visa that lets them study in the country of their choice.

Don’t worry, students, we understand you and know how challenging this process can be!

The good news is some universities are working to make this process easier for you with specialized programmes for rolling-admission. Kennesaw State University (KSU) is doing just this with its Intensive English Program (IEP), specially designed to help international students begin their studies in the IEP with greater confidence and preparation.

The IEP offers 8-week sessions, so students may take two levels of ESL studies instead of only one during the traditional academic semester. As a result, new admissions for sessions begin several times throughout the year – in January, March, May, August and October. This allows the IEP to accept applications on a ‘rolling’ (i.e. continual) basis.

Rolling admission means less stress for international applicants

When an educational program offers rolling admission, it means that it offers a broad application period for all potential students. Instead of having to apply within a short amount of time – when thousands of other students are also submitting their applications – you can submit yours according to the many deadlines the IEP lists on its website throughout the year.

IEP will review and respond to your application as soon as its admissions staff receives it.   This means that for each session – in August, October, January, March and May – your application will be given higher priority.  Also, if you have any questions, the IEP staff will be able to assist you more quickly.

Here are some general benefits of applying through rolling admission:

  • Avoid long waits after submitting your application
    Schools offering rolling admission tend to provide a pretty speedy response! The fact that applications are spread across many enrolment periods means they will be processed more efficiently in the admissions office. Rather than having to wait weeks, or even months, to hear back about the status of your application, you’ll receive a fast response that makes planning so much easier!
  • There’s less reason to worry about competition
    With fewer applications coming in, competition for positions in a given programme is never quite as intense. This is really helpful when students are applying to a competitive school – but it’s also worth noting that rolling-admission programs aren’t completely free of competition. With that in mind, applying early in the process is still really important!
  • Rolling admissions are perfect for students who are behind schedule
    In the previous section, we mentioned that it’s always a good idea to begin the application process early on. But there will always be times when students – for one reason or another – find it challenging to complete the application process on time. Getting admitted into a position in a rolling-admission program like the IEP is a great way to jumpstart the application process, and to become part of a programme that provides a pathway to full-time, world-class higher education.

  • Enjoy more flexibility with multiple-course start dates
    Were you able to find a place on the course you are most interested in? Perfect. But if you would like to wait a bit longer because you are not quite sure about particular program, a rolling admissions program like the IEP is the best for you. The course position is still there if you want it, but you can also delay the date you begin your studies to a later date.
  • Programmes that offer rolling admission are more versatile
    The IEP is incredibly versatile; for example, one session lasts only eight weeks. Depending on the student’s level of English-language proficiency as well as the course outcomes, the student could emerge ready to apply to an elite university program in the U.S. For those students applying to a KSU programme, completion of Level 6 of the IEP can stand in for passing TOEFL results and also serves as conditional admission into KSU. This makes enrolling in KSU classes and starting university coursework easier for students.
  • Ease the transition to studying overseas
    Students pursuing higher education outside of their home country have much more to worry about than the more traditional student. First there’s the stress of conducting your coursework in a second language; then there’s the additional pressure of getting a visa to study in the US for the duration of your stay. The IEP can help you with both issues at the same time. In addition to receiving the extra English-language instruction needed to succeed in an academic setting, you’ll also receive the visa support paperwork needed to apply for an F1 visa to study in the US.

Take Control of the university entrance process

Many of the benefits listed above essentially mean you will have greater control over the application and university entrance process. By adding a rolling-admissions cycle to your plans, it becomes much easier to build an entrance schedule that matches your specific situation.

Save yourself from the stress of having to meet strict deadlines and – even worse – having to settle for enrolling in a school that was never one of your top picks to begin with. Instead, you can begin by applying to the IEP for a start date that suits you. Once you’ve gained admittance, you can continue with your application, and provide you the time to make it much more powerful.

Similarly, enrolling in the IEP means you can wait to hear back from universities that are taking longer than expected to respond. You’ll have the visa support you require to make the transition to the U.S., and there’s no need to worry that you’re wasting your time.

Instead, you’ll be actively honing your English skills, boosting your performance on the TOEFL exam, and adjusting to university life in the U.S. As such, the Intensive English Program at Kennesaw State University serves as the perfect introduction for international students who are determined to earn a prestigious degree in one of the best locations in the U.S.

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Images via Kennesaw State University