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“In this program, I developed even further into an independent and confident adult ready to take on any challenge presented to me.” – Brandon, MPA 2016, Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University (KSU) is known for its enterprising vision and community spirit. Located just northwest of Atlanta with campuses in Marietta and Kennesaw, this university seamlessly blends a quaint, suburban setting with access to one of the country’s most contemporary cities.

KSU’s surroundings are nothing short of stunning, giving international students an authentic taste of all-American campus life in the heart of Georgia. Forever striving to be a leader in innovative teaching and learning methods, Kennesaw State University offers more than 150 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees to more than 35,000 students.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) is the largest and most academically diverse at KSU. Providing a firm US education with a comprehensive liberal arts core, the institution promises a breadth and depth of study that moulds students into responsible global citizens.

Popular courses in the CHSS course portfolio include: Master of Arts in Integrated Global Communication (MAIGC); Master in Public Administration (MPA); Master of Science in Conflict Management (MSCM); and the Master of Science in International Policy Management (MSIPM). The college’s commitment to consistent curriculum reviews highlights its dedication to producing employable graduates and ensuring skills remain current and relevant in a fast-moving technological age.

MA in Integrated Global Communication (MAIGC)

This innovative, contemporary graduate program is unlike any other in the Southeastern United States. With a curriculum that features evening classes, a summer experience abroad in the form of an internship placement, study tour or research project, and a final-year capstone class that allows students to demonstrate their mastery of the discipline in a unique creative project, every day as a student in KSU’s MAIGC is different from the last.

Full-time student enrolment kicks off in the fall, and students can complete the full degree in just 16 months, while part-time enrolment can begin in either fall or spring semester. This program is designed to prepare a new generation of communication leaders for global organizations.

“We have learned that our MA opens doors for students,” explains Josh Azriel, Professor of Communication. “Most employers see the MAIGC and want to learn what the program is. Our students then explain that what they’ve learned in the classroom, what they have observed and learned overseas from an internship, research project or study abroad, and how they combined all that into a professional project their last semester.

“Our students have been hired by Microsoft, YKK Manufacturing, Allstate Insurance, and various PR firms,” he adds. “They will study in the international setting of metropolitan Atlanta and will be taught by Professors with international professional and academic communication experience. They will be classmates with students from other parts of the world. We have taught students from Spain, Kenya, Colombia, Ukraine, Denmark, and the Bahamas.”

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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

MPA graduates with Dr. Jerry Herbel, Director of the program

This professional degree prepares those interested in public service for administrative and leadership positions in governmental agencies and non-profits. Here, student- and teaching-oriented faculty help leaders develop their full potential, allowing them to excel through a combination of solid academics and real-world professional experience.

“Because of the MPA program and the abilities I learned in the course of my studies, I have taken career steps beyond anything that I imagined before beginning the program,” says Brandon, 2016 MPA graduate.

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MS in Conflict Management (MSCM)

The ability to prevent and resolve conflict is a key skill for leaders in every field of endeavour. This degree teaches students the skills and processes needed to harness the creative potential of conflict while limiting its negative consequences. All students learn to diagnose the root causes of conflict, then focus on skills for conflict resolution such as negotiation, mediation, interpersonal communication and intercultural conflict resolution.

Students choosing an international track go into careers in diplomacy or humanitarian relief in organizations like the United Nations, the US Department of State, Red Cross, and CARE. Those selecting a domestic track work as court mediators, ombudsmen, domestic disaster relief, patient care advocates in hospitals, victim-witness advocates, or they utilize their skills as managers and leaders in settings from public schools to hospitals, from government to corporate offices.

“Conflict resolution is a growth industry,” says Susan Raines, Professor of Conflict Management. “In this field, you can do good and do well; turn your passion for peace into a rewarding and exciting career. Our graduates are in demand, our weekend-based course schedule allows students to work full-time while completing their degree in 16-months. Our program includes an optional 1-week study abroad course which will take students to Germany in 2018 and Cuba in 2019.

Tim Hedeen, Professor of Conflict Management and teacher in the MSCM program

“Unlike an online degree,” adds Raines, “our degree allows you to spend time with faculty, students and members of the community as we work together on hands-on projects designed to reduce, prevent, and solve conflict and help people live more productive lives.”

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MS in International Policy Management (MSIPM)

As a cohort-based, online degree, this program extends KSU’s long-held tradition and unrelenting commitment to international education. The program prepares future leaders in the private and public sectors, shedding light on the interaction between political and economic dynamics within a global context.

This curriculum will enhance your understanding of international policy in an interactive and collaborative learning environment, whether you’re a recent college graduate or have experience working in public, private, or non-governmental organizations. Here, students learn how to assess political risk, to understand the regulatory environment that allows corporations to function, and deal with the cultural nuances inherent to the international negotiation process. The online nature of the program promises flexibility, whether working in-state, nationwide, or abroad. Additionally, the cohort model builds a learning community for mutual support.

“This curriculum is designed not merely to impart knowledge, but also to develop a workplace-relevant skillset (i.e. critical thinking, communication),” says Natalia Meneses, MSIPM Program Coordinator. “Validation of our approach is found in our strong placement records,” Meneses explains. “MSIPM alumni can be found in both the public and private sector, employed by such organizations as the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, McKinsey & Company, and the International Rescue Committee.”

Charity Butcher (4th from right), Associate Professor of Political Science with MSIPM students

It should be noted that there is no typical MSIPM student. The curriculum is designed to fit a broad array of profiles; from the student about to complete her undergraduate degree, to the employed professional looking for credential to enhance her portfolio. No background in political science or international affairs is required. Indeed, some of our best students have had little to no prior study in the field.

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