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Unemployment rates remain high in many countries. Even in the US, where the job market is currently strong, unemployment for those with a recent Bachelor’s degree or higher was 3.9 percent last December.

While the ideal scenario for most graduates is to start working as soon as possible after graduation, they may not have managed to land a job yet, despite several applications and CV polishing done.

If you’ve been finding it difficult to secure a job before you’ve graduated, don’t despair! Instead of curling up into a ball of anxiety, here are some tips to keep yourself busy and productive while looking for a job.


If you’re in the financial position to do so, consider volunteering at a non-profit or charity that you’re passionate about while waiting to secure a full-time job after graduation – or even before you’ve graduated.

It will keep your time occupied while doing something you’re passionate about, not to mention boost your CV.

You’ll also gain some valuable skills that prepare you for the working world such as time management, resilience and adaptability.

Plus, if you find yourself committed to the cause and want to pursue a career in that particular field, you’ve already got a foot in the door.

By volunteering, you may be able to connect to other like-minded individuals in similar charities or organisations who will recognise your passion. They may end up offering a job to you or at least point you in the right direction.

Try freelancing

Freelancing s is popular among millennials, and now Gen Z-ers are also following suit. So why not try your hand at freelancing if you’re unable to find a full-time job?

According to Robyn D Shulman, a writer on Forbes, freelancing is a great way to gain early industry experience, learn more about the business world and make valuable contacts in your industry.

She also advised graduates to post their own freelance jobs in online job boards such as Fivver, Upwork, and Linkedin Profinder – a site where freelancers can bid on projects.

Doing freelance work will keep you busy while keeping your skills sharp, and gives you added experience to put in your CV.

Check out this year’s fastest-growing freelance industries and see if your skills are a match.

Go through different channels to find a job

Applied to several open positions on Indeed or Glassdoor and still haven’t heard back from any employers? Maybe it’s time to try a different tack.

College graduates today have plenty of options when it comes to looking for jobs. Look around for Facebook groups or niche websites that may post jobs in your area –  such as ones specifically for start-up companies or tech companies, for example.

If there are certain companies that you would love to work for, you can also consider contacting them directly even if they haven’t posted any new jobs.

Going through different job channels will keep you productive and prevent you from feeling demotivated when you’ve exhausted all the relevant job applications on just one or two websites.

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