What jobs can an MBA get you? A comprehensive guide in 2023

jobs with an MBA
Former professional basketball player Shaquille O'Neal has an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Source: AFP

Why should you pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA)?

Some aspire to climb the corporate ladder to manager or administrative roles. Others are looking for a career change or want to start their business. 

Whatever the reason, there is no denying its benefits. 

Last year, the average starting salary for MBA graduates was US$115,000 — more than 53% higher than the US$75,000 average for people with a bachelor’s degree, according to data from the Graduate Management Admission Council. 

MBA graduates also occupy top positions in companies across industries. Some of the world’s best-known firms — including Amazon, Microsoft, and McKinsey — are major recruiters of MBA talent.

The results? There’s no shortage of jobs with an MBA for fresh graduates.

Why are MBA graduates highly sought after by employers?

One of the main benefits of earning an MBA degree is the comprehensive skill set it instils in you. 

Throughout the programme, you develop strong leadership abilities, cultivate strategic thinking, and gain profound insights into various facets of business. These invaluable qualities position you as a valuable asset to organisations regardless of your chosen industry.

What’s more, it’s not just their experience in specific sectors that sets them apart, but the possession of in-demand skills that can be applied across various fields.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020, critical thinking, problem-solving, and active learning were among the most desired skills leading up to 2025.

Combining these with practical skills like crafting business cases, budgeting, and utilising various research methods equips you with everything needed for success.

It enables you to advance within your current profession or transition to different industries with ease.

jobs with an MBA

Warren Buffett once said, “If you are interested in business or likely to be in business, an MBA is very useful.” Source: AFP

Plus, the confidence instilled by an MBA allows you to aim for bigger and better opportunities, knowing that they are within your reach.

Just ask Himanshi Vij, who completed her MBA at INSEAD. 

“INSEAD gave me the chance to pinpoint and make my own criteria of what I am looking for in a job and what would work best for me,” she says.

By the time she graduated, she had four job offers lined up for her — including one by Amazon in Paris.

Ultimately, an MBA degree boosts your professional credibility, facilitates continuous skill development, and garners attention from employment recruiters. 

It enhances your leadership, communication, critical thinking, and management abilities, leading to better salary prospects and an expanded professional network.

jobs with an MBA

As a sales manager, you will be in charge of a team to help create sales and promotions for the company. Source: AFP

10 best jobs with an MBA for fresh grads

1. Sales Manager

Sales managers also analyse market trends to predict the needs and desires of customers and recommend the best new markets.

Sales managers usually have an MBA with a focus on marketing.

Working in sales is a fast-paced environment with constant demands and deadlines. Thankfully, an MBA will prepare you with the skills and knowledge to take on this role. 

A sales manager is responsible for creating sales and promotions, setting sales quotes, training salespeople and determining appropriate commissions for sales staff. 

In this role, you will need to find and recommend ways to improve sales procedures in your company by analysing the sales statistics and market trends to predict the needs and desires of customers and recommend the best new markets.

2. Marketing Manager

Working as a marketing manager is one of the common jobs with an MBA.

Marketing managers are essential in a company to help them acquire new customers and promote their services or product.

In this role, you can coordinate marketing policies and programmes, which involves assessing product and service demand. It requires evaluating research data to ascertain customer demand and pricing strategies, as well as devising marketing initiatives that stimulate new purchases.

As part of your responsibilities, you will be required to conduct consumer trend research, forecast demand, spot fresh opportunities, and create impactful marketing campaigns while maintaining the company’s competitive edge.

Teamwork is a big part of the job as you must work closely with other teams, such as public relations, advertising and product development.

jobs with an MBA

Chief technical officers (CTO) are responsible for all the technical aspects of a company. Source: AFP

3. Chief Technology Officer

A chief technology officer (CTO) establishes a company’s technical vision and strategy and manages the team while overseeing all aspects of technological development.

They supervise projects, monitor technology and innovation and combine business requirements with planning and operations.

CTOs play a big role in a company’s operations as they ensure that all major technology verticals align with the goals set in place.

4. Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts analyse data to determine business and market trends for companies. They are responsible for how the business is performing, how it can improve, and where it can lower costs.

To do so, a business intelligence analyst collects computer data and compares past trends to current conditions.

Skills such as data modelling, data warehousing, and business intelligence tools will come in handy to allow you to succeed in this role.

jobs with an MBA

Product managers are in charge of creating new products that meet the demands of customers. Source: AFP

5. Product Manager

Product managers work to coordinate the finances, development and marketing teams in a company to create new products.

As such an essential role, those in this line usually have an MBA to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to succeed.

Though the title is “product manager”, those in this line are a negotiator, communicator, leader, mediator, and coach who understands their team’s strengths and weaknesses.

They consider the customer’s expectations and create products up to market standards.

This job comes with high demands as product managers are expected to produce products that are not only under budget but also on time.

6. HR Manager

Does the thought of talking with people excite you? That’s a big part of what you’ll do as a human resource (HR) manager.

In this role, you’ll handle the recruiting, interviewing and hiring of new staff, and they work with executives to create long-term hiring plans.

The best part about this job is that every company needs an HR manager.

They also mediate disputes between employees and handle disciplinary procedures when needed.

HR managers also manage employee benefit programmes and resolve disputes between employees.

Most in this field will have an undergraduate business degree with a specialisation in HR, but having an MBA will set you apart from the rest and give you the leadership expertise you need to take on senior roles.

jobs with an MBA

An MBA will prepare financial managers with the skills needed to analyse a company’s investments. Source: AFP

7. Financial Manager

One of the popular jobs with an MBA you can secure is working as a financial manager in a bank, insurance company or investment bank.

Financial managers plan, direct or coordinate a company’s accounting, investing, banking, insurance, securities, and other financial activities.

An MBA will help you hone the necessary skills to fulfil your responsibilities in this role. As such, employers consider MBA graduates who are competent in mathematics and problem-solving skills when filling this role.

On a day to day basis, your task would include budgeting, analysing financial reports, forecasting, monitoring financial performance and making strategic recommendations.

8. CEO

Think of the chief executive officer (CEO) as the company’s head. They are in charge of establishing strategies to determine how the business will operate.

With such great responsibility, professionals in this role are usually armed with the education that has prepared them with the expertise to run a company.

They work with a board of directors to set goals, implement policies, make major corporate decisions, manage overall resources and business operations and act as the main point of communication between employees and the board.

jobs with an MBA

Manage the technology that manages information as a computer and information systems manager. Source: AFP

9. Computer and Information Systems Manager

  • Average salary in the US: US$105,009 per year

As computer and information systems manager, you are responsible for overseeing the computing and technology needs of the company.  

Aside from supervising your team, you must research emerging technologies and strategies while also organising, planning, directing and coordinating activities in fields including electronic data processing, information systems, systems analysis, and computer programming.

10. Project Manager

A project manager oversees one or more company projects, such as introducing a new product.

As the project manager, your responsibilities will encompass various tasks such as overseeing quality control, handling employee scheduling, ensuring timely completion of projects, providing updates to supervisors, managing supply and material procurement, and overseeing marketing efforts.

While completing your undergraduate degree is enough to secure this role, having an MBA will ensure you have skills such as human resourcing, strategic planning and scheduling that are needed for this job.