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Introducing Thomas Jefferson University’s brand new, ideally-located STEM MBA

Gone are the days of a traditional business education confined to spreadsheets and textbooks. Today, the business world demands a unique skill set that integrates analytical prowess with strategic vision — and this is precisely where Thomas Jefferson University’s Masters of Business Administration (MBA) stands tall as an unrivaled choice. Its brand-new STEM designation proves its ability to  ambitious students into influential leaders who know how to harness the power of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics within the realm of business.

Designed in response to a rapidly changing global business landscape, the interdisciplinary program caters to career climbers and professionals looking to reroute their trajectory. To lay a solid foundation, it draws from design thinking principles and offers a range of courses in innovation and business. To cater to various aspirations, it offers specializations: Accounting (CPA Preparation), Biopharmaceutical Commercialization, Cannabis Business, Fashion Business, Finance (CFA Preparation), Health Analytics, Leadership, Marketing, and Real Estate Development. Each route is guided by faculty members who double as practicing industry experts.

“When you combine faculty subject knowledge and industry experience along with students from different cultural and professional backgrounds, it really makes the classes interesting and engaging,” says graduate Larry Friedman, who now works at Ernst & Young.

The STEM designation gives students a shot at the American dream by providing work eligibility in the country for up to 36 months –– via Optional Practical Training (OPT) –– upon graduating. However, they do not have to wait until graduation to apply knowledge. The Jefferson STEM MBA is experiential in every sense of the word.

Throughout the program, students work in teams on real-world projects both within and beyond the classroom. Students are also welcome to intern at a top organization. They could even grow their professional networks abroad by embarking on an International Business Trip. Last year, 21 students spent a fulfilling week in Madrid.

Thomas Jefferson University

Source: Thomas Jefferson University, Kanbar College School of Business

“I’m now one step closer to completing my MBA journey,” says student Cory Josephs. “This trip allowed me to learn from business leaders, and importantly, my classmates. We shared laughs and stories, and I heard about their careers, lives and families. I now have lifelong friends because of our shared experience in Spain.”

Plenty of connections are made in Philadelphia, too, where Jefferson’s School of Business is based. The city is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, and the university embraces this diversity, with a significant number of international students enriching its campus community annually. It’s easy to understand why — Jefferson is a top-tier national doctoral university, which speaks to its commitment to academic excellence and research.

Five-star qualifications aside, the university recognizes foreign learners’ unique challenges, so it offers comprehensive support services. From visa assistance to cultural integration programs, it strives to ensure every student feels welcome and supported before and throughout their academic journey.

The university’s guidance is crucial for those looking to make full use of their time in “The Cradle of Liberty.” Philadelphia is known for both its rich history and vibrant business scene, serving as a hub for various industries. It boasts a thriving start-up culture, numerous Fortune 500 companies, and a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, further creating a wealth of possibilities for students to gain real-world experience and build professional networks.

The best part? Unlike some major metropolitan areas like Boston or California, Philadelphia offers a reasonable cost of living, making it an ideal choice for students seeking a high-quality study abroad experience without breaking the bank. The city’s proximity and accessible transportation to major hubs like New York City, Baltimore, and Washington, DC, are added bonuses, allowing learners to explore additional opportunities beyond campus easily — be it internships, networking events, or leisurely activities.

If this sounds like the place for you, consider applying for the Jefferson STEM MBA today. Concerned about taking the leap? Take comfort in knowing this pathway to success is open to everyone. The program admits students with three-year business degrees, while most US institutions mandate four-year qualifications as a requirement. Furthermore, there is no need to take the GMAT examination. One semester of online business foundation courses helps non-business backgrounds cover the basics before starting the program.

Delivery is flexible, too. Those keen on fast-tracking their climb up the ladder could complete the qualification in just one year. Busy professionals who prefer to maintain their existing responsibilities can take the part-time route and complete the degree within 24 months. This level of flexibility reaffirms Jefferson’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its students. Click here to find out what else makes the School of Business a generous place for tomorrow’s business leaders.

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