Interview Mohammad Zeyara – Studying in Australia


At the age of 20, Muhammad has seen more countries than most, having lived in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and now residing in Sydney. When Muhammad was only seven years old his father received a job offer at the Islamic Development Bank, so Jordan was left behind and the Saudi Arabia became his home for the next 11 years. 

When Muhammad finished his schooling in the Saudi Arabia, he was keen to follow in his father’s footsteps and embarked upon a journey that would lead his to Sydney. Muhammad’s parents gave his two study options: study in New Zealand or study in Australia. Ultimately, the choice was easy, as his sister practiced dentistry in Melbourne. He boarded a plane and began the 18-hour journey to Australia.

Muhammad applied for The University of Sydney and UTS. He was accepted into both, but decided to study at UTS. He began with an economics major in mind, but after his first year, He decided upon majoring in finance, and minoring in international relations with a doctorate in mind.

In five years, Muhammad hopes to have completed his doctorate. He aims to build a successful career, into an international one, following his father to the Saudi Development Bank, or even the World Bank. “I want to help people with real financial needs, instead of focusing on making more money for big business”.

For Muhammad, life in Sydney is all about adventure. He was quick to point out that his adventures were of the cultural nature and not forays into the bush. He says that Bondi is like no other place in the country, as a well-rounded cultural centre made up of multiple peoples, views, and art forms. Muhammad tries to engage with a different part of the culture every weekend and is a regular at art galleries, shows and cafés around the city. His overarching goal is to visit every attraction in the city, a goal he is well on his way to achieving.