How a ‘Lockdown Fun Movement’ is inspiring students, one video at a time

international student UK
Jia Wei with her friends pre-Lockdown. Source: Lee Jia Wei

One positive aspect of lockdowns and self-isolation during a pandemic is that everyone is in it together.

Alone or with family and housemates, fearing the invisible enemy, many of us are turning to social media to feel connected.

Taking this a step further is Lee Jia Wei, an international student from Penang, Malaysia, who is currently in her final semester studying International Wildlife Biology at the University of Wales in the UK.

Lately, however, her focus is on running a “Lockdown Fun Movement”.

Since March 21, Lee’s classes shifted online and students at her university went into lockdown mode. Though she lives with three other flatmates, she realised that other students may start to feel isolated and depressed.

What better way to harness the power of social media than to make things better for them? That’s exactly the purpose of the Facebook page Lee created — “Feeling Light in Darkness” — where she posts daily videos.

The content of the videos is varied, from math hacks to chocolate mug cakes recipes to martial art tips, but they all have one purpose.

They are to “bring joy and spread positivity,” says Lee.


DAY 11! Quick MATHHACKS!! 🤯🧮🧠

Today I’m going to teach you a super crazy mindblowing…

Posted by Feeling Light In Darkness on Saturday, 18 April 2020

Why did this international student start a Lockdown Fun Movement?

Lee did not expect her videos to turn into a movement.

Soon, however, with more saying they look forward to her posts, she was motivated to keep it going. “The drive of knowing it makes an impact is what I enjoy most about this,” she said.

The compassionate international student doesn’t make all the videos herself but encourages others to share. In between, she juggles online classes and making at least one video a day.

The savvy international student explained, “If I have a friend who is really good at painting or cooking, for example, I’ll reach out to them and ask if they want to be a part of this movement.”

“I believe everyone has something to share, and the main message is that ‘you are not alone’. So why not share what you’re good at so that others may learn from it too since we’re all in lockdown.”


DAY 12! So our lockdown is extended, and your emotions and senses are feeling…

Posted by Feeling Light In Darkness on Sunday, 26 April 2020

When asked how she’s so comfortable and confident in front of the camera and where she learned video editing skills, Lee revealed that she was also an international student video blogger for the university.

That’s where she learned these skills and the confidence to express herself on social media. Creating video content is also a hobby.

“I was a university blogger from my first year here, and since my university is specialised in video blogging, I gained exposure to being in front of the camera. As for video editing, I don’t have any formal training. I just self-taught myself because it’s a hobby and I enjoy doing it.”

Will it continue after the lockdown is over?

international student uk

International student Jia Wei has fostered an online community spreading good vibes from the UK during the lockdown. Source: Lee Jia Wei

Since the lockdown will eventually end (UK is slowly easing lockdown measures), what’s next for this movement?

Keep going, of course, says Lee.

It’s clear everyone has something to share, she explained.

“No matter your background or where you come from, you have something to contribute to this world. Every culture has something unique that others can learn from,” Lee said.

“I see a lot of opportunities to show the world about diverse cultures through this project.”

Got a special skill you’d like to share and be part of the Lockdown Fun Movement? Jia Wei would love to hear from you! Send her a message via DM on Instagram or Facebook and you could be part of this community that is spreading joy and positive vibes during turbulent times.

“This community is not restricted to just me and my friends, it’s for everyone. Whatever it is you want to share, just reach out to me on Messenger and let’s collaborate!”

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