The International Student Experience at AUM: Finding Support and Success at an American University
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As you begin to consider studying in the United States, you might find yourself asking quite a few questions. What will campus be like? Will I make friends? Will I do well in my courses? How much will it cost? Will I enjoy the experience?

If this is true for you, don’t worry! Most international students find themselves asking similar questions, which is why it is important to get to know a university before you decide to study there. As an American university that celebrates its diverse campus community, Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) offers answers to several common concerns faced by international students:

How does AUM support on-campus involvement for international students?

Established in the southeastern United States, AUM is a public university located in historic Montgomery, Alabama. AUM has over 60 different clubs and organizations on campus, including an active International Student Association. Beyond clubs and organizations, AUM has a number of collegiate sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, cross country, and tennis. If you enjoy playing a sport yourself, AUM hosts multiple club and intramural teams, too.

Most international students choose to live on campus in one of the several residence halls in order to stay close to classes as well as the cultural, social, and sporting events that make AUM such an exciting experience. Residence halls include in-house computer labs, free laundry areas, study lounges, free cable TV, and free high quality internet services.

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On-campus facilities and services offer incredible benefits for international students. AUM’s Warhawk Transit is a free transportation service that runs daily routes to popular shopping and entertainment destinations. In addition to an on-campus coffee shop, AUM offers a full-service cafeteria with weekday and weekend hours. Perhaps the most exciting aspect to AUM’s campus facilities is the state-of-the-art Wellness Center, which offers rock climbing, cardio classes, weight lifting, yoga, and an indoor swimming pool.

How does AUM support academic success for international students?

Within AUM’s five colleges—the Colleges of Business, Education, Public Policy and Justice, Arts and Sciences, and Nursing and Health Sciences—more than 90 fields of study are offered in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. In addition to academic programs, AUM hosts its on-campus English as a Second Language Program in order to support students still in need of English instruction. No matter your program of study, AUM offers quality instruction accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Because the first few years of study are often a transition period for many international students, AUM’s 16:1 student-to-teacher ratio allows a closer relationship with professors and more personal attention in class. As a unique benefit, AUM offers free tutoring in every single subject. From Music Appreciation to Calculus, AUM’s Learning Center and Instructional Support Lab offer academic assistance to students no matter the study topic. In addition to your academic advisor, AUM’s Warhawk Academic Success Center will assign you a Student Success Advisor to help navigate your academic journey as an international student.

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How does AUM support an AUMazing experience for international students?

The Office of Global Initiatives (OGI) is an entire office of dedicated professionals who are committed to meeting the needs of AUM’s international students. From initially applying for a student visa to requesting OPT after graduation, the OGI staff supports international students throughout the academic journey. Although the OGI assists students with complex issues like cultural adjustment and immigration advising, the first step is simple—APPLY!

For more information on how to apply, please contact AUM’s Office of Global Initiatives at, and follow them on Facebook.

Featured article courtesy of Emily Shimaz, International Enrollment Manager for Auburn University at Montgomery

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