American international education nonprofit continues to support students in Ukraine

international scholarships for Ukraine
Over 70,000 international students were studying in Ukraine when the war began. Today, the Institute of International Education continues to provide financial support. Source: Genya Savilov/AFP

The Institute of International Education (IIE) continues to support students, scholars, and artists through grants and international scholarships for Ukraine, a year after the Russian invasion.

With the Ukraine Crisis Response Fund, IIE provides financial support for 160 students and 50 scholars (a total of 210 individuals) at the Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, one of the most critically impacted university populations in Ukraine.

“For over a century, IIE has worked to build a more peaceful, equitable world and we’re as committed to this as ever today,” Jonah Kokodyniak, Senior Vice President of Programme Development and Partner Services, tells Study International.

“We have made it a critical part of our mission to have an ongoing set of emergency support programmes that provide financial assistance and safe haven to students, scholars and artists.”

international scholarships for Ukraine

IIE also provides international scholarships for Ukraine students who aspire to study abroad. Source: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP

Additional support includes the IIE Emergency Student Fund for Ukraine (IIE-ESF).

It supports approximately 230 students at more than 140 US colleges and universities with grants that ensure students, cut off from their usual resources, can continue their studies.

IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund has rescued 13 Ukrainian scholars and currently supports nine Russian scholars who can no longer safely continue their work in Russia.

IIE’s Artist Protection Fund has awarded six fellowships to artists who require emergency support — from fields including literary, performing, and visual art.

The Global Democracy Ambassador Scholarship has allocated US$30,000 to help 20 Ukrainian students meet their educational and living expenses.

IIE Odyssey Scholarship is another comprehensive scholarship package for refugees and displaced individuals around the globe.

international scholarships for ukraine

International scholarships for Ukraine help those evacuated continue their studies in the US. Source: Phill Magakoe/AFP

Why international scholarships for Ukraine students is still needed

The war in Ukraine required IIE to deploy a “multi-faceted response” so students, scholars, and artists have a clear path forward, according to a press release by IIE. 

In providing financial support, such as international scholarships for Ukraine students in the US, IIE recognises the challenges that still lie ahead. 

“The major challenge we have is that the number of students, especially students who need assistance, is far greater than the number of grants and scholarships that we are able to provide,” Kokodyniak shares. 

“Our greatest need, while we’ve been able to make very generous financial commitments to the students and scholars, is that we could always use more resources to fund additional students and scholars.” 

Kokodyniak adds that IIE will continue to secure “as many resources as possible” to assist students in all conflict situations globally. 

Currently, they are working with several higher education institutions in Ukraine to provide direct support to students who wish to further their studies at a Ukrainian uni. 

How the Russia-Ukraine war affected international students in the region

Chinese students were reportedly frustrated by the Chinese embassy’s slow response in advising its citizens to leave Ukraine. 

Indian students previously claimed they had been left in the dark without any directives from their country’s authorities about whether they should leave if Russia invaded Ukraine. 

A host of Indian and African students who attempted to escape to neighbouring countries have been allegedly held back by Ukrainian soldiers. 

According to reports, students have been forced off public trains and buses, with preferential treatment given to Ukrainians seeking safety.