The interdisciplinary nature of a Business degree creates employable graduates

Business interacts with nearly every aspect of the modern world. As such, the pursuit of a business degree is interdisciplinary in nature and can be used across multiple industries. Every company, institution, and organisation in the world relies on the values of business.

The skills acquired on a course in this field are therefore relevant to millions of jobs within hundreds of sectors. A business degree instils you with transferable skills that can be used in both your personal and professional life.

The interchangeable expertise gained are key to survival in the modern job market. Naturally, that means business graduates are well-sought after. Companies in all industries actively seek recruits who possess the critical-thinking skills business graduates come readily-equipped with.

Starting salaries for business majors are significantly higher than others. International business graduates are projected a starting salary of US$43,800 with a steady increase to $US83,700 by their mid-career.

And this increases further for those with an MBA;’s Jobs & Salary Trends Report claims that salaries for MBA graduates average nearly  US$109,200 in the Canada and the US. If you’re dithering on whether an MBA is worth it or not, this is surely your answer.

The world is always going to need Business graduates. More specifically, employers will fight over those who are the most driven, flexible, resourceful, and ready for the workplace.

If you want to enter the business world, these attributes are essential. Above all else, you need a university that understands how to make you employable and will nurture the budding businessperson inside you while you study. Upon graduation, you want to leave feeling more than prepared.

Choosing the right school can be tough. In such a competitive market, where you studied and the skills you gained will set you apart from the crowd. It’s absolutely crucial that you choose a university that has everything you need to succeed.

Here are four global Business Schools that have everything you need…


QUT’s Business School is one of the few in the world to hold triple accreditation from the world’s leading accreditation bodies. It is also one of just two schools in Australia to have accreditation from the UK-based Association of MBAs.

The Executive MBA program (EMBA) at QUT is ranked as the best in Australia, according to the recent Australian Financial Review rankings. The MBA and EMBA courses have also both been rated five stars in the Graduate Management Association of Australia’s star rating.

“With 55 percent of the survey ranking based on graduate feedback, this is proof that we are delivering what the market wants,” said Bob O’Connor, QUT’s Graduate School of Business’ Executive Director.

There is also the opportunity to study the innovative Executive Graduate Certificate in Business (Leadership through Coaching and Mentoring). The Leadership through Coaching and Mentoring (LCAM) course is designed for leaders inspired to coach and coaches inspired to lead and is specifically for those who are already established in the business world as leaders or executive coaches. It helps to further the leadership skills of professionals and generate an impact through coaching and mentoring. It’s primarily delivered online, and undertaken over the course of a year on a part-time basis.

Here, students are allocated their own leadership coach who they work with both on an individual basis and within small group coaching sessions to support them as they move towards embedding a coaching culture within their chosen organisation. The course delivers webinars and interactive action learning groups to advance students’ knowledge and develop their skills. It is taught by a global network of experts and linked to international industry associations to boost you further up the business ladder.


This school fosters innovation and has received generous support from the Korean government as a result, with the institution recently receiving a seven-year multimillion-dollar BK21 grant. The grant is allowing the school to continually expand its highly-specialised business training.

With this funding, the school has a plethora of opportunities available to students. The resources this presents to the school, and the vast amount of connections it allows them to make, has given them a widely-recognised global reach, which is something the school prides itself on.

The community here is incredibly diverse and enriched with international focus. Business people are unlikely to succeed if they have a narrow view of the world, after all. The international perspective the school instils in successful students and alumni all over the globe is also reflected in the faculty and curriculum.

But what’s the point of being globally connected if you don’t engage with the business world? Students and staff at the school are constantly interacting with corporations around the globe. These partnerships allow them to collaborate to better the development of Asian business, and businesses further afield. The school offers “unique international exchanges, global internships, field trip opportunities and joint MBA programs.”


LKCSB is one of the youngest schools in the world to be accredited by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the European Quality Improvement System (EQIS).

Based in Singapore, the school is a buzzing hub for over 4,000 dedicated students and more than 100 full-time faculty members. Staff are passionate professionals with postgraduate degrees from some of the world’s top universities, including Cornell, Harvard, INSEAD, Oxford, Stanford, and Yale.

The school is affiliated with many research centres including the Institute of Service Excellence and the Centre for Marketing Excellence. Research here is constantly evolving, with  participants striving to question (and answer) everything they can about the business world.

Students can study a range of programs at undergraduate, master’s (including MBA and EMBA) and doctoral level. No matter what stage you’re at in your education or career and regardless of your individual interests, LKCSB is sure to have a course that suits your needs.


This school is internationally recognised for its excellence in teaching and research. But it’s not only academic success that drives the school; students are encouraged to get the ‘Otago Experience’, where their lives are shared and interlinked both professionally and out of class.

Degrees from Otago are esteemed both in New Zealand and across the world. There are programs from undergraduate level all the way through to executive level. Courses are career-focused, with the school consistently pushing students to realise their absolute potential and ready them for employment.

Otago offers a world-class and internationally recognised education, accredited by EQUIS and AACSB. The Otago MBA, donned the school’s “flagship program”, is available to study on their exciting NZ campus or online from home – no matter where that may be.

There is an interactive focus on the degree programs at Otago. The school doesn’t want students to leave with just a fantastic degree, acknowledging that the modern student wants more. This is why the school encourages them to take part in student exchange programs, to volunteer in the local community, undertake paid internships or participate in exciting case competitions, readying them for their careers on the global stage.

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