Inholland University means business with innovative new bachelor’s programme


In today’s challenging and demanding business world, innovation is key. As markets shift at rapid speeds, and trade and investment become even more uncertain, it is modernization and innovation that are indispensable.  Businesses need to be able to understand key trends that will shape the future of technology, their customer base and the market in which they are operating, so they may generate quick and dynamic responses. Companies are increasingly on the lookout for bright, fearless graduates who are outstanding critical thinkers and approach business in unique ways.

According to Yvonne Prince from Panteia, one of the Netherland’s top research-driven institutions, innovation is key to progression within the business world.

“Without social innovation, technological innovation does not matter very much,” she says. “Enterprises are reacting very closely within the market as a lot of competitiveness is going on there, answering market development with innovations and project adjustments, also enterprises that enable employees to react to innovations get inspired by new ideas and they get support from the management. These enterprises perform better when employees get room from the management, than those where perhaps they are not given enough support for new innovations.”

Considering these factors, there is a definite need in the European market for businesses and entrepreneurs who possess the confidence and drive to pitch new business ideas and fearlessly attempt to solve problems that continue to bamboozle today’s companies. Innovation is a brave new world. Inholland University aims to equip its students to tackle new goals and often volatile markets.

The International Business Innovation Studies (IBIS) programme is Inholland’s new, challenging, international (English-taught), four-year full-time bachelor programme. The course provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the business world of the 21st century. Students are taught by faculty members and professionals who offer a fresh perspective on critical business issues. The course aims to produce business savvy graduates who can recognise or create opportunities, understand customer needs, and implement new and innovative ideas in the existing business environment.

“My studies at Inholland so far have been a very practical experience. We work on a lot of real life cases with existing clients and we talk about real business life situations rather than just about theories” says Vera Jordan, an IBIS student in her third term.

IBIS students will learn how to define new trends and developments, design value-adding solutions to meet users’ needs (such as concepts, strategies, products, services, processes), perform tasks and activities under a business plan, as well as evaluate and monitor performance in the workplace.

This rigorous programme provides students with a challenging and rewarding experience. At Inholland, all students are treated as individuals whose personal needs or difficulties can be targeted and overcome. Students are encouraged to be themselves.

“One of my favourite courses was the “What’s in my backpack” class in which we were supposed to discover our own talents to build on them.” comments Vera. “I also enjoyed the business classes that are taught by an amazing lecturer. The content is obviously related to real business cases and the class helped me to understand them much better.”

The IBIS programme is organised into larger ‘chunks’, aiming to challenge students, stimulate autonomous thought, and encourage high-order thinking and academic skills. The course promotes the development of discovery as well as delivery skills, teaching students how to develop and combine new ideas so they may be applied to developments in the international business arena. Students are encouraged to find ways to generate profit while managing and supporting new innovation.

At the Amsterdam/Diemen campus, Inholland offers students an innovative study environment based on the philosophy of ‘New Learning Spaces’. The campus’ central point is a multifunctional lounge in which students and staff can work, study, hold meetings and socialize. IBIS offers students a vibrant and dynamic campus that functions as a modern, highly multifunctional and flexible working environment.

“The atmosphere is really relaxed,” Vera adds. “We can use most of the space in the building which is also really welcoming.”

Inholland offers students a safe and international learning environment, where English is spoken fluently. The thriving campus is located just minutes away from the centre of Amsterdam. Students can also pursue tourism-based or part-time work outside of their studies, meaning that they have the opportunity to be an integral part of the local community.

“Studying in Inholland itself is pretty unique. Students and teachers cultivate a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere while always remaining respectful. I really do enjoy the programme. It has helped me grow on a personal level while also letting me grow as a business innovator. I am looking forward to the next three years of IBIS.”

Graduates of the IBIS programme are equipped to become the new business innovation executives that contemporary society needs. Inholland strives to produce truly innovative entrepreneurial graduates with well-developed skills and profound business knowledge. IBIS graduates are broad thinkers who are able to make sense of the large amounts of data and content that are circulating around the globe.

Inholland University operates nine campuses across the Netherlands and specializes in applied sciences. It’s an ambitious institute with 32,000 students from more than 110 nations enrolled. The university offers roughly 90 bachelor’s degree programs covering everything from technology to economics.

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