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In 2021, prepare for a lifetime of success with Trinity Western University

Set on 157-acres, just 45 minutes away from downtown Vancouver, lush mountain sides, and a serene ocean, Trinity Western University (TWU) is a safe haven waiting to be explored by students looking to thrive, connect and serve. To add to its lustre, an education here develops more than just academic mastery — it’s one that nurtures cultural and social blooming as well.

Whether you are looking to discover your calling or perfect your skillset, this is the place to do so in 2021. With an extensive lineup of offerings — 48 undergraduate degrees and 19 graduate degrees — there’s a programme for every interest. The list includes programmes in business administration, nursing, leadership, psychology, education, history, philosophy, computing science, sports and leisure management, music, corporate communication, human kinetics and biotechnology — amongst many others designed to encourage career-readiness and personal growth.

The best part? These curricula are not just comprehensive, they are also accessible — offered to students across the globe and breaking the barriers of a traditional classroom education. The TWU Global Express Pathway Programme (GXP) takes post-pandemic accessibility to the next level, enabling students to receive facilitated education that is safe, fast, supportive, affordable and available worldwide. Through this innovative online model, students spend their first four semesters in their home country with live daily sessions and regular personal coaching. They then go on to complete the final four semesters of close to 30 bachelor’s programme options at TWU in Canada. With the GXP programme, there’s no need to worry about ongoing travel barriers due to COVID-19. Start now and finish in Canada with a well-reputed TWU degree. More than any other year, TWU is accessible in 2021.

Trinity Western University

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International exposure sets the perfect foundation for global success. At TWU, you’ll be able to enrich your experience by travelling within and beyond Canada. “We had a student from South Korea who interned with the South Korean embassy in Ottawa and that rolled into a job opportunity in New York City at the United Nations with South Korean delegates,” says Brian Kerr, senior vice president of enrolment and personal and career development at TWU.

As a TWU graduate, you’ll be both educated and career-ready. International students are given the chance to choose from an array of certificates or professional credentials in subjects such as Accounting, Nursing, Education, TESOL, and Project Management — among others. These can be completed either during their degree programmes or immediately upon graduation.

As an international student, you’ll want every moment to be memorable. That’s easy as a TWU student. Start with the fact that the campus is hugged by picturesque surroundings. Set between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, British Columbia is the perfect destination for those looking for an equal mix of natural wonders and urban development.

Perhaps the biggest draw is the ease to build a life and career here post-graduation. In fact, you’ll be able to start working even while you’re still studying. Upon graduation, the process is simple and rewarding — the more opportunities you gain to add value to organisations, the greater your chances of securing a visa.

These and more are the reasons why 97% of graduates are satisfied with their education, and why over 90% of graduates would recommend TWU to their friends and family. To become one of them, learn more here.

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