Illinois College: Connecting students to leadership and service

Illinois College: Connecting students to leadership and service
Illinois College

“At Illinois College, we emphasize interactive education and equip all students with the skills that employers want to hire…Nearly 100% of our graduates go on to find jobs in their fields and transform into active members of their community.”Barbara A. Farley, President, Illinois College

As one of the top liberal arts colleges in the United States, Illinois College (IC) is internationally-recognized for teaching students the importance of leadership and service.

Inclusive Illinois Campus   

Based in the city of Jacksonville, the Illinois College campus brings together learners from all walks of life, inviting them to join a close-knit community of like-minded individuals. With a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio and an average class size of 16, you’ll receive the time, care and attention you deserve.

Just 3 ½ hours southwest of Chicago, and 1 ½ hours northeast of St. Louis, Missouri, you can take a peaceful break away from the campus and spend your days exploring hidden hotspots of the region. Or, if you’d prefer to enjoy the inclusive campus environment, you can take a virtual tour of the college to get to grips with things before you visit!

“Being in Jacksonville, at Illinois College, feels like home. If I need something, the faculty will give me advice. They know all the students by name and work to connect them with other students. I really feel like I have a family here,” says Arshia Jafarnia, IC international student.

Illinois College

Experiential and Interactive Education

Illinois College offers a detailed choice of degrees for any prospective student who can’t decide which major to pursue. From 45 subject areas in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, you’re free to discover every academic avenue.

At IC, active learning plays a huge part in personal growth. Paired with your chosen degree, you’ll have plenty of experiential learning opportunities, clubs and organizations to participate in. To name but a few, there’s the BreakAway and Study Abroad programs, the Celebration of Excellence tradition, the Khalaf Al Habtoor Leadership program and Community Service activities.

One supporter of the extra-curricular programs and the College’s global influence is student Connor Melton. As he explains, “Illinois College is a small liberal arts college with a wide reach. I think we have the relationships like the ones we have in Cuba and around the world for a reason. It’s rare to find a college in the middle of Illinois achieving what we have here.” 

Learning Beyond Borders

Once your Illinois College study experience begins, you’ll soon realize that this is an institution that truly values student inclusion and integration. Through an individualistic approach, IC solely focuses on the learner’s aspirations and the direction they plan to take in their career. Regardless of your academic background, your future is the focal point.

As IC student, Christopher Morton points out, “My experiences at Illinois College have taught me how to take charge when needed, but also when to take direction. I have been helped by the guidance I’ve received from my professors and the lessons I have learned will really help me in my future career.”

Illinois College

Since 1829, the college has helped shape students’ career choices by matching them up to hands-on learning opportunities. As soon as you’re connected to the constructive Illinois College Career Services team at Baxter Hall, you’ll unravel myriad research schemes, graduate placements and incredible insights into the working world.

Research with Purpose

Of course, no established college would be complete without rigorous research opportunities. With a vision to produce socially-aware graduates, Illinois College ensures that all research efforts are jam-packed with purpose.

Unlike other universities that use research as a mechanism to attract members of the global audience, IC utilizes the talent of their forward-thinking faculty and students to make a positive impact in the world.

For example, four psychology learners at IC recently received national recognition by the American Psychological Association (APA) for their work on student-faculty research projects. As one member of the team, Chas Monge states, “This honor makes me a more desirable candidate for graduate programs and positions that I will be applying for in the future.”

By acknowledging the power of their student’s research skills, Illinois College has created a free-thinking space for innovative ideas and strategic solutions to grow. That’s why they’ve set up collaborative initiatives such as the purposeful Orchid Recovery Program and LIASE.

Supporting you from the Start

If you’re an international student with a strong academic record and test scores, then Illinois College will provide you with annual scholarships that range from US$10,000-$18,000. What’s great about these specific grants is that they’re renewable until you graduate. Instead of a classic one-off financial offering, IC supports your studies from the start until the very end!

Another advantage of the IC international student adventure is the Student Textbook Program. As every learner knows, your lesson materials can be costly, and the price of textbooks can rapidly amount to an expensive lump-sum payment.

So, IC has included the price of books in the cost of your tuition, helping you effectively budget your expenses. And if you want to find out more about this program, you can have a quick read of the college’s very own Blue Book online.

Illinois College

Yet another great savings advantage at IC is the Finish in 4 program. Finish in 4 is Illinois College’s guarantee that you will graduate in 4 years, or IC will cover the cost of your remaining courses at the College. Check out more details on the Finish in 4 program to see how you will benefit.

Alongside financial assistance, the influential hub of Illinois College fuses your expertise with high-quality programs and global leadership activities, giving you the very best start to your career.

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