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IE University: An online MBA worth every euro and minute

“Fulfilling.” “Worth every euro and minute.” That’s how Ifeoma Uche Anagbogu defines her Global Online MBA experience with IE University.

She has many reasons to feel this way. Start with the fact that the programme is paying off for Anagbogu, a Process and Competence Improvement Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa Subsidiaries at First Bank of Nigeria Ltd, in many and various ways.

On the professional front, she’s gained a suite of in-demand hard skills. “Professionally, my ability to communicate business ideas has improved; they are driven by actual data, research and patience,” she explains. “This is because I now break down issues the way I would analyse a case study in class, and this has positioned me more strategically in office meetings as I am able to negotiate and make more persuasive arguments.”

Personal perks are just as compelling. “On a personal level, I am a better manager of my time as I have learnt to prioritise my day better,” she shares. “I never could have imagined juggling family, friends, a demanding job, church and a part-time MBA (which feels like full-time) and yet not fall short on any of these commitments.”

Her glowing testimony is of little surprise. After all, in 2021, the programme is ranked first worldwide amongst online MBAs by QS and second worldwide by the Financial Times — and few other programmes can boast hosting networking events in a venue like the Real Madrid stadium.

“Such a glamorous place and it enabled me to connect with some great people I now consider lifelong friends,” she enthuses. “We were all so excited to have started the journey and there was so much enthusiasm and openness in the room that night. I felt so proud of the sacrifices I had made to get to be at that cocktail party.” She will never forget it.

IE University

Every class is dynamic and diverse at IE University. Source: IE University

That was by no means her only opportunity to network. With IE University, there are ample ways for MBA students to network, including those from the Global Online MBA programme. Anagbogu’s network alone has at least 100 individuals representing over 50 nationalities. “For me the greatest network is my class of over 100 diverse, unique individuals,” she shares. “Different cultures, experiences and personalities generate interesting discussions, which lead to lasting friendships.”

What’s more, they enliven every class, offering fresh views and a dynamic atmosphere. “Having a diverse class enables you to get different perspectives to issues and opens your mind to how you look into matters,” she explains.

Anagbogu’s experience is typical of IE University’s Global Online MBA students and alumni. The result? Empowered global leaders ready for a world of transformation and disruption.

A key reason for the programme’s track record of success can be traced to its unique Blended Methodology approach.

It incorporates the most innovative and future-forward teaching techniques, as well as live video conferences, virtual activities and dynamic course materials into the curriculum. The program’s new and unique approach to learning assets consists of a variety of simulations, videos, multimedia, exercises, group and individual sessions, and high-impact learning modules.

An expert faculty from across the globe bring this curriculum to life. They impart the skills, knowledge and tools needed to disrupt traditional business models while inspiring lasting change.

Yet, students are always in charge. In this flexible and customisable programme, they are in the driver’s seat, with maximum freedom to choose the duration of their degree — without sacrificing the programme’s integrity or networking opportunities. It fits the needs of busy schedules, giving the option to personalise the duration of the degree — from 17

to 24 months. Students can opt to complete the course entirely online or by following its fully Blended Methodology, which includes face-to-face periods in Madrid.

IE University

What sets the Global Online MBA apart is its Blended Methodology approach. Source: IE University

Electives can be chosen according to interests and professional ambitions, with access to IE’s pioneering content from anywhere across the globe. Students can choose either the Entrepreneurship or Intrapreneurship track for their final project, and up to six dynamic

electives for final term. During the Global Immersion Week — an optional experience — they get to learn from the experts themselves, expanding their network beyond the classroom.

The end result is a multidisciplinary competitive edge to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive job market.

Rasmus Christensen is proof of this. Looking to move back to the corporate world after spending five years as a police officer in Australia, he signed up for the Global Online MBA. It provided the seamless transition he sought.

“IE’s Global Online MBA empowered me to complement my experience and skills with knowledge gained from leading academic and industry experts,” says Christensen. He describes the programme as “energising” and “the best of both worlds,” offering fast-paced learning with “some of the most talented academics and students” he has ever met. Today, Christensen is a consultant with business, technology and innovation consulting firm Projective Group.

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