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Hult International Business School: Helping you land the job you want to jump-start a successful career

A business degree is more relevant than ever. Four out of five candidates believe a graduate business degree makes you stand out at work, the GMAC Prospective Students Survey 2022 found. More than 40% of B-school aspirants seek a full-time MBA. As for the must-have courses: leadership/change management, strategy and business analytics/data science lead the pack.

Many of those with an eye on the jobs they want head to Hult International Business School. Hult is the first business school in the US to achieve triple accreditation (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS), held by just 1% of business schools worldwide — adding to its reputation as one of the best business schools in the world.

Over the last 20 years, Hult International Business School has won awards and accolades from some the most prestigious organizations around the world. They include the 2023 MERIT Award for Innovation in Higher Education, and the bronze award for Best Lifelong Learning Initiative 2021 from the Business Graduates Association and the Association of MBAs, which is an accreditation service with the golden standard for all MBA, DBA, and MBM programmes.

Rankings reflect many of the school’s core values. The Financial Times places Hult International Business School at the 41st spot overall in the Masters in Management Ranking 2022 and 68th overall for the Executive MBA Ranking 2022. Hult is 26th nationally in Forage’s annual Experiential Learning Awards. The Economist ranks the institution 13th in the Global Masters in Management Ranking 2021, and in Bloomberg Businessweek’s Best US Business Schools list, its overall ranking is 58 and placement for diversity is fourth.

The lengthy list of accreditations and rankings makes sense when you look at the school’s purpose: “We exist to create a better future for all by inspiring and challenging our community to make an impact that matters.”

This education with purpose is supported by the school methodology to help students learn through challenges. Here, students can easily translate their theoretical skills to practical issues and problems.

Applied learning gives students the knowledge and skills employers want and entrepreneurs need to thrive in today’s workplace. “When I first saw the career services, I was really impressed by how they were taking the time to really understand what was as a person, and not just really feel meaning with any kind of career,” says Jonathan, a graduate who is now a Risk Advisory manager at Deloitte. “It is somewhere I can actually grow and find myself with this strength in me, which I didn’t even know I had.”

For Hali, a Master’s in International Business and Marketing student, her programme includes work experiences that will enhance her future prospects. “I’ve only been here a whole semester and half of the semester, and I’ve already received two internships definitely because of me being a scholar at Hult,” she says.

An impressive 90% of master’s graduates were employed within six months of graduation, and the Financial Times reports a 58% increase in pre-masters salaries.

Hult’s hands-on learning is paired with counselling and other resources necessary to help students find the job of their dreams. The careers advisors are professionals who are deeply passionate about ensuring the success of students. You can get support and coaching for internships, job search, LinkedIn profile, cv/resumé writing, offer negotiation and interview preparation. “My career advisor is definitely a massive pillar of support for me, on the way to my career, and for the rest of my life,” says Kharanshu, Master’s in International Business student. “The professors at Hult instil wisdom, they share stories and experiences, and you learn much more about the world going beyond just the textbook. That’s what Hult is really about.”

Having a global campus means that students are prepared to be part of a culturally diverse workforce and to work anywhere in the world. PitchBook Data EMEA Customer Service Success Development Manager Alik found that her time at Hult continues to benefit her even today. This is because the school believes in lifelong learning and continuously supports its alumni. “One of the career advisors at Hult, David, I actually still have a relationship with him. And we still talk about careers and life. And that’s something so valuable to me,” she says. “It was two months before graduation when the head of corporate alumni got me in a room with two Greek entrepreneurs. After that week, I was offered a job, and I started working with them.”

A professional networking platform called Hult Connect links students and staff to over 11,000 active alumni — opening doors to seemingly countless opportunities. “If you have the skill set and you have all the capabilities, Hult will help you to get that network you need at the right place at the right time,” adds Alik. To begin your journey to success at Hult International Business School, click here to apply now.

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