How to secure a student visa for Iceland
Is Iceland your next best study destination? Source: Charlotte Karlsen/Unsplash

Iceland, a country known for its love of eligible rams and scenic getaways, is also a well-known Nordic study destination.

With the largest universities being the University of Iceland and Reykjavík University, international students flock from afar to experience Icelandic higher education and visit the country’s astounding natural environments.

As a land of dreamlike settings and world-class academics, you may be wondering how to secure a student visa for Iceland…

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Quick Tip: Before applying for your visa, it’s useful to know that applications for Icelandic universities are submitted directly to the institution. This means that requirements and deadlines may vary so make sure you check with your prospective university.

How do I obtain a student visa for Iceland?

According to the Reykjavík University Visa Handbookapplying for a visa as an international applicant is simple.

Be prepared: For your study abroad adventure in Iceland, you must apply before July 1 for the Autumn term and allow a minimum of three months for the application process to complete.

– If you want to work during your studies: Be aware that international students in Iceland are only permitted to work 15-hours per week, except in instances where a student is employed during leave from study or as a part of their vocational training.

For residence permits: Your residence permits will be granted for six months or one semester at a time. Permits for doctorate students are issued for one year at a time, and it’s your responsibility to apply for a renewal of the permit at least four weeks before it expires.

– Remember, you NEED a visa if: You’re from a country outside of the European Economic Area and/or EFTA, and you plan to study in Iceland for more than three months.

The application documents 

If you’re serious about your Iceland study adventure, here are the documents you must have ready:

Required documents for study visas in Iceland (EU/EEA Citizens)

– Your passport and application form
– Acceptance letter from your university
– Medical insurance details, such as an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)
– Proof of Financial Support (i.e bank statements) amounting to ISK 180, 550/ EUR 1,434 per month

Required documents for study visas in Iceland (Non-EU/EEA Citizens)

– Student visa application form
– Proof of registration at the university
– Medical insurance details
– A secure housing certificate
– Medical certificate (if required)
– Criminal record certificate
– Proof of financial support (i.e bank statements) amounting to ISK 180, 550/ EUR 1,434 per month
– Photocopy of passport
– One (1) passport-sized photograph
– Receipt for payment of the residence permit application

Once you have all the above ready to go, depending on your citizenship status, The Directorate of Immigration in Iceland will become your new best friend.

For your study visa/residence permit application click here.

For a temporary work permit for students click here.

For further information about the visa process, contact the Directorate here.

Last tip: Enjoy yourself!

As long as you meet the deadline and have all the required documents to show, your journey to Iceland should run smoothly and efficiently.

Most importantly, enjoy the beauty of this country and be sure to wrap up warm!

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