How easy is it to obtain a student visa for Uzbekistan?
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Last month, Lonely Planet labelled Uzbekistan the second best destination to visit in Asia.

With incredible mosaic-clad mosques and new extensions to its high-speed rail network, many students are rushing to their laptops to research the country’s top universities.

If you’re one of those who want to discover the current study options that are in Uzbekistan, then check out this list for the 2018 rankings.

However, if you’ve already chosen your academic institution but you’re searching for further advice about the student visa application process, then keep on scrolling…

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Before leaving to study in Uzbekistan

As Study Advisory states,”Studying in Uzbekistan for a foreigner could be difficult, as there are no programs in the English language – only in Uzbek or in Russian.”

It’s also wise to note that Uzbekistan has only just implemented its e-visa system for tourists so it may be another year until a student visa portal is established.

So, if you’ve taken both these factors into consideration and you’re fluent in either of the languages above, then the next step is the visa information.

While the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan does not list a ‘student visa’ option on their website, there is the ‘business visa’ option.

Therefore, it may not be that easy to obtain a specific ‘student visa’ for Uzbekistan.

However, before applying for any of their visas, you must make sure you have a support letter from your chosen university before applying for a visa that permits you to stay during your study abroad experience.

The university that you’ve registered with will also guide you through the official process. But if they don’t, then it may be best to seek out another academic alternative as it should be standard procedure.

Additional points for travelling to Uzbekistan

  • You must register with the Department of Foreign Travel & Exit within three days of arrival. Saturdays and Sundays count as part of the three-day period.
  • Your passport should be valid for at least three months after you’ve entered Uzbekistan.
  • You should carry a doctor’s prescription if you intend to travel with prescription medicines.

It’s also good to remember before you go that this country is rich with cultural values and that their education sector may be a little different to yours.

Therefore, take your study abroad adventure as a huge learning curve and revel in the cross-cultural communication skills that you’ll soon acquire!

Leaving Uzbekistan after your studies

Did you know that Uzbekistan is one of the few Russian countries that still requires an exit visa?

According to Master Studies, “The government requires an exit visa and accountability of all monies in your possession because they do not want foreign currency leaving the country.”

Also part of the immigration process will require you to declare exactly how much money you are bringing into the country as well, “so that it can be reconciled before you leave.”

For further assistance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan has a valuable online contact form to answer any queries you may have about the temporary registration of foreign citizens.

They also might point you in the right direction for a student visa, or inform you of their plans to implement any in the near future.

As long as you keep digging for information, you’ll soon find the best visa option for you!

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