How to choose the right student accommodation in the UK
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How to choose the right student accommodation in the UK

Starting your journey at university is a big step. Going to university in a different country is an even bigger one. On top of the challenges of studying, you’ll be living in a new city without knowing many people around you. How can you best settle in and enjoy the experience ahead of you?

It all comes down to finding the right place, the right people and knowing that everything’s covered.

Finding the right place

Finding the right home can make the difference between settling in and feeling out of place in a new country. Whether you prefer the city or the countryside, finding a place where you can be you is key to embracing the university experience.

For some students, a riverside home in Oxford is the charming setting they’ve imagined. Others look forward to being in a lively city, whether London, Manchester or beyond.

Choosing the right accommodation can be a tricky task – especially if you’re not sure where you’d like to study. With over a hundred universities in the UK, the choice can be overwhelming. You’ll want to choose somewhere that’s good quality, in the right location and takes the hassle out of making a big change.

Of course, there are a number of options for your student home. One of those is private landlord accommodation, which could be a studio flat or a house share with others, and often can provide some unique living opportunities. Remember that rental markets can be competitive and often require in-person viewings – this can be time consuming but if you’re already in your chosen city, this could be an option for you. Universities also offer their own accommodation, mostly to first year undergraduates, and this is popular for those students wanting to spend more time on campus. This type of accommodation can mean you get a real feel of your university’s culture, though it could mean that you’re far from the city centre.

Source: iQ Student Accommodation

If you want to be in the heart of the city and explore what’s around you, then a great option is purpose-built student accommodation. Choosing a student accommodation provider like iQ helps you know that you’ll be close to your university, standards will be high and the little things will be sorted for you. With over 70 locations across 29 UK cities, you can feel confident that you’ll find a home wherever you choose to study.

Manchester resident Simran remembers her stay as one that offered her the environment she needed to settle into a new country. She describes iQ as “an extremely beautiful and well-maintained place. I would recommend all the students, especially international, to make this their home. It made the transition for me from India to the UK very easy. A huge shoutout to all the lovely staff – you guys made my stay so peaceful and memorable.”

Finding the right people

A lot of the joy of university is the sense of community and friendships you make along the way – as an international student, having the right people around you will help you to settle in and create lifetime memories. When you’re in a new environment, it can be hard knowing where to start.

“The assistants and management staff are very nice and friendly. I really enjoy the environment provided by this community,” says Yang, a London iQ resident

A positive community starts with staff members creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Source: iQ Student Accommodation

Source: iQ Student Accommodation

Onsite social spaces and events can help you to find friends in no time. Fenton House resident Jack says that he “came to Sheffield, knowing no one. It didn’t take me long to settle into uni life at Fenton House. I made friends immediately by hanging out in the common room, making use of the fantastic facilities.”

Wherever you stay, there’ll be something different for you to enjoy, from the city around you to onsite amenities, including games rooms, gyms, cinema rooms and rooftop gardens. You can expect exclusive events in these spaces that help you to meet people and explore something new – just minutes away from your room. If you’re nervous about heading into a social event, iQ Clubs can help you to meet other residents with likeminded interests and backgrounds – the Chinese Students’ Club offers the Chinese community a new sense of home in the UK.

Taking care of the little things

Moving away from home for university is a big move. If you’re worried about the number of things you’ll need to sort before you begin your studies, it might be worth choosing accommodation that handles the little things for you. That way, you can fully enjoy the rest of your student experience without the unnecessary stress of bills, poor WiFi and security.

With purpose-built student accommodation, these things can be handled for you. Bills and superfast WiFi are a part of the accommodation package, because these things play a big part in the student experience. They’ll be included as part of your rent, so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay throughout your stay. Fixed rent prices mean you won’t have to worry about prices rising across your tenancy, even if markets change. That means less stress about multiple bill payments and less stress about prices increasing.

Any home should feel like a safe space. When you choose purpose-built student accommodation, 24/7 site security and staff presence can give you the peace of mind you need to feel relaxed when living abroad.

Cinema Room

Cinema Room Source: iQ Student Accommodation

“The staff are lovely, always willing to help and often organise events to bring the accommodation together,” says Megan, a Student Quarter Salford resident. “The security on site make you feel safe and are always happy to try and help with any issues when they’re on duty.”

With the little (and big) things sorted, you can put your focus on living out your best student life and sharing it with the people around you.

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