how to become a data analyst
Data analysts are modern storytellers who use mass amounts of data available to tell us current and future trends. Source: Yana Paskova/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFP

As the value of data soars, so does the importance of having data analysts and searches for “how to become a data analyst” on Google.

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics show that employment in this field is expected to grow 36% from 2021 to 2031, much faster on average compared to other occupations. 

Data is produced everyday in large amounts in today’s tech-savvy world – roughly at least 1.7 MB of data is created per second. Data analysts transform an estimated 1.145 trillion MB of newly generated data every day into meaningful insights. 

For companies to make more informed decisions critical to the growth of the business, they need data analysts who can manage, analyse and understand complex data to make strategic decisions.

That’s where data analysts come in as modern storytellers to analyse, organise and draw conclusions for past, current and future trends. 

If you’re wondering how to become a data analyst, you’ve come to the right place.

Watch and learn from these YouTube channels on how you can become a data analyst for free: 

Alex The Analyst

Alex Freberg started his journey as a data analyst five years ago and is currently an Analytics Manager at a Fortune 10 company.

He wanted to offer a one-stop channel for aspiring data analysts to learn everything they needed to know such as what skills to learn, interview tips and best courses. 

Most importantly, he wanted it to be free and made accessible to all, not just those who can afford the best courses or the best education. 

Hence his mission is to educate others on how to become a data analyst through his YouTube videos.

Examples of his tutorials include SQL, Excel, Tableau, Python, and Power BI. Perfect for those either looking for a career change or looking to pick up a new skill. 

Connect with Alex with LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter for the latest updates. 

Leila Gharani

XelPlus – an Excel resource site — provides courses and tutorials more targeted towards those who use Excel or Microsoft apps as a whole, at work and are looking to improve or use tools to help them get more done.

Founder Leila Gharani aims to share with others how to make use of tools to visualise and analyse data.

She is the winner of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in the Excel Category in 2017.

This is an award that’s given to individuals who have exhibited exceptional technical expertise and a talent for sharing knowledge within their technical community.

With over two million subscribers on her Youtube channel, she covers a range of topics from mistakes to avoid when using Excel to Power BI tutorials.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Ali Ahmad

Ali Ahmad is a Data Analytics Manager based in Oslo, Norway. Having studied journalism, he pivoted towards business and ended up working in sales for a data analytics software company named Qlik in London.

Since then, he has worked as a Senior Sales Engineer, Lead Consultant, Team Lead and now working client side as a Data Analytics Manager in an international company. Ali is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

With a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge, Ali started his YouTube channel to teach others how to become a data analyst.

He makes videos about Power BI, how to structure your data analyst portfolio or even interviews with other experts in data to share career advice. His channel currently has 13,000 subscribers.

Got questions? Connect with Ali on LinkedIn!

Below are more YouTube channels that’ll teach you how to become a data analyst: