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How students push the boundaries of IT at Czech Technical University in Prague

Graduate Eder immediately fell in love with Prague when he set his eyes on the city. “I come from a small state in Mexico called Tlaxcala. My first time in the Czech Republic was in 2013 for an exchange programme. At that time, I fell in love with Prague and immediately started to look for universities here to continue my bachelor’s degree studies,” says Eder. 

Thanks to the recommendations of his friends, he discovered Czech Technical University (CTU), one of Europe’s largest and oldest technical universities. Over 18,000 students choose this global university for a good reason: it is the highest-rated technical university in the Czech Republic. 

Established in 1707, CTU has built quite a reputation for itself, expanding its academic and global excellence in technology to eight faculties. These include Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering, Architecture, Transportation Sciences, Biomedical Engineering and Information Technology. Eder knew his passion lay in the Faculty of Information Technology, where he pursued Software Engineering with a specialisation in Web

Czech Technical University in Prague

Here, students and lecturers collaborate on cutting-edge research. Source: Czech Technical University

A prestigious university with research, projects and exemplary work at its forefront 

CTU is among the largest research institutions not just in the Czech Republic but globally too. Research, development and other creative activities are an integral part of the university’s work, taking place in all faculties and at the university institutes: the Klokner Institute, the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, and the Institute of Technical and Experimental Physics. 

At the Faculty of Information Technology, students and lecturers push the boundaries of IT. They conduct cutting-edge research in 19 laboratories and 12 research groups, covering a wide range of topics in technology. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics are some of their notable research sectors. Together with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, it established the Research Centre for Informatics (RCI) — worth 41.6 million Czech Koruna (around US$1.7 million at the time of writing) — to build the most powerful computer cluster for research into AI in Prague and compete among universities and centres of excellence around the world. The Faculty of Information Technology also collaborates with private companies, including GoodAI, where they explore the possibilities of AI. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. At CTU, students not only flourish in academics and research, but they take part in projects and competitions too. These include participating in the Alexa Prize, a competition by Amazon for university students dedicated to advancing the field of conversational AI. CTU’s team — Alquist — has made numerous achievements over the years. Most recently, it bagged first place and won US$500,000, beating out teams from top universities around the world. 

Czech Technical University in Prague

Eder intends to develop his career further in the Czech Republic. Source: Czech Technical University in Prague

Developing highly sought-after graduates in a global community

At CTU, students become world-class leaders with high employable prospects. Eder credits his success to the university. “I would not have gained in-demand skills so I really appreciate the enhancement from the university. Also, many school projects were really helpful to show as a portfolio or as a preparation for job interviews,” says Eder. 

During his time at CTU, Eder was a strongly motivated student. He took on roles and work relevant to his field of interest at Study at CTU, an official CTU project. “The first part-time job I had was within the Study at CTU organisation, most of the time helping with things on the website but small side projects like creating a chatbot for our FB page,” recalls Eder. 

Eder was heavily involved in the university’s international community too. “I was also helping and advising prospective students mainly from the Latin America region and Spain as an ambassador. I was part of many fantastic events the team of Study at CTU prepared for the international community at CTU, for example, the yearly Orientation Week, Christmas Dinners and Spring Picnics on the campus,” he enthuses. 

With all the skills, knowledge and experience gained, Eder found opportunities not just in Prague, but in the global job market as well. “I saw lots of opportunities in many international companies, particularly in the IT sector, where there is a high demand for graduates and professionals with promising career opportunities. My plan is to develop my career further in the Czech Republic. I believe there are many great opportunities here for international graduates in general.” 

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