Quiz: How prepared are you for your first job interview?
Will you rock or sink the interview? Source: Shutterstock

Interviewing can be tough for fresh grads. With little or almost no experience in the world of work, going to some of your first interviews would be like driving with blindfolds on. Maybe your grades aren’t too great or you’re unsure of how to speak, or you’re scared of the tough questions. The fears are many and varied.

You’ve probably practised and done your research to make sure you make a great first impression and to convince recruiters you’re the best for the job. But you’ve no way of assessing how much progress you’ve made and what else needs to be done.

So to help you figure this out, we’ve come up with a quiz to assess your level of preparedness for the big day ahead. From crafting resumes to body language, we will ask you some questions to see whether you’ll be bringing your A-game to the interview:

1. How well do you know your resume?

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2. How much research have you done about the company you will be interviewing at?


3. Do you have the interview location and contact information?

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4. Have you rehearsed potential interview questions?


5. What is the most important skills employers want from fresh grads today?


6. What should your body language be like?


7. Which of the following would likely be your answer when asked why the company should take a chance on a fresh grad like you, compared to someone with more experience?

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8. Apart from answering questions correctly, what else would the ideal interviewee do?

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9. Does your resume highlight all your previous internship and good grades?


10. What should you do the night before your interview?

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QUIZ: How prepared are you for your first job interview?
99 - 100% prepared
Congratulations, it looks like you're all prepared and ready to go! You have the right body language on, you know the company like the back of your hand and when it comes to your strengths and weaknesses, you're owning them. They might just forget you're just a fresh grad 😉
60 - 99% prepared
You've got most of your bases are covered. Tie up those loose ends by envisioning the interview from beginning to end and identifying any gaps where you could do better. Many first-time interviewees forget things like displaying confidence and curiosity, or simple things like not speaking up. Practise with your friends so you could level up on your preparation.
20 - 59% prepared
You have a rough idea of what to do, but only a sketchy outline of what is really needed to score that job by giving a stellar interview. Don't despair as you're a fresh grad after all. Where you lack in experience, you can tap on the many useful guides online on how to prepare, as well as your mentors and lecturers on how you can improve.
0 - 19% prepared
Trouble is brewing for you, mister. It sounds like you're not taking this seriously enough. Getting a good job would put that degree you've worked so hard for to good use, and have huge impact on your life's direction. Time to step up, research intensively on the job and company you want to work for and practise!

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