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How Medic Mentor helps students get into top medical schools

“I think it’s very easy as an international student to underestimate the amount of work that goes into a normal personal statement. As someone who has done Summer School  and got all that work done, both personal statements completed, wider reading, teaching interview practice, and UCAT and BMAT support as well, I had all of that with the help of Medic Mentor.”

This statement from Radu, a first-year medical student at the University College London (UCL), is testament to the success of the Medic Mentor (MM) programme.

Radu’s statement is powerful given how gruelling and dog-eat-dog-like it is to get into medical school — let alone a top-ranked one. A quick scan of The Student Room on this topic reveals descriptions like “stressful,” “so difficult,” and its variations dominating accounts of the years-long slog to get the best grades, the most soup kitchen visits and the highest number of lab sessions and job shadows. Your application has to be perfect and everyone is a competitor ready to steal those coveted spots away from you.

So when a programme comes along with 90% of its Summer School students getting at least one offer from medical schools — you hear them out. 

Or, like Radu, you join their all-year round mentoring programme that offers support and resources — from the moment you enrol, right up until you receive your offer — led by NHS doctors and medical students.

MM is the UK’s largest medical UCAS-focused Summer School. It is also the largest Virtual Medical Society, the only Medical Leadership Programme, and the largest Medical Scholarship Programme, in the UK

These accolades are understandable given what’s provided in its Summer School mentoring. There is extensive support from medical students to help you write the perfect personal statement at the one-week Residential Summer School, followed by two full days of interview practice with doctors. This includes teaching on medical ethics and law as well as NHS code of conduct, personalised feedback, common assessment themes for panels, group interviews, and multiple mini interviews (MMIs).

Source: Medic Mentor

MM is the UK’s largest medical UCAS-focused Summer School. Source: Medic Mentor

The virtual offerings are just as many. There are six weeks of daily virtual UCAT and BMAT teaching (crucial to helping bump scores up), virtual interview days with doctors and one-to-one interview training sessions before each of your university interviews. 

Summer School participants also get help to choose universities with the best chances of admission, a reference written by a doctor to help guide your teacher’s reference, access to e-learning resources for wider reading, and automatic enrolment in the Medical Awards Programme and the Medical Leadership Programme to strengthen your UK university application.

It’s this suite of tools, resources and guidance that help Summer School students raise their chances of admission from 15% to 90%.

For international students, the benefits of truly understanding the medical school application process cannot be underestimated — as Radu discovered.

“When I came back to school in the final year of high school, all my peers in my school that actually wanted to do medicine, and didn’t do the summer school, they were working on all of that together,” he says. “Whilst I was just focusing on exams alone, I could just focus on getting my grades.”

Summer School saved Radu a significant amount of effort and stress during his final year of high school. He could focus on studying and perhaps more importantly, making memories before graduating.

While others spent weeks that turned into months on their personal statement, Radu was already done with it. “I was so far ahead of the game,” he says. Today, the Romanian is a medical student at University College London and an MM scholar, paying it forward.

Source: Medic Mentor

Radu is currently studying medicine at the University College London and credits MM for helping him get into the top-ranked institution. Source: Medic Mentor

For Koby, now a medical Student at the University of Cambridge, what makes MM stand out is its community. “Rather than treating another person applying to medicine as a competitor, MM really does help create a sense of community. You learn from one another which has really helped me,” he says.

“There’s a community that I can always come back to that will always put a smile on my face. MM transformed me from a clueless student into a student who is now at medical school.”

Prachi, also studying medicine at Cambridge, is just as grateful. “Medic Mentor helped me write my personal statement in two to three days. Working with like-minded students was very beneficial because it made the process so much less daunting. It was very reassuring for me because I knew I was on the right path.”

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