How international students benefit from studying English at Syracuse University
Source: Syracuse University, English Language Institute

What’s the best way to learn English in America? Fully immerse yourself in the culture, or take an intensive English program?

At the ELI (English Language Institute), Syracuse University, you get to do both, as students gain a memorable learning experience at the same time as improving their English.

Language learning becomes more meaningful when you can relate it to personal experiences or things you’ve observed in natural settings. By doing so, you gain cultural understanding and a deeper knowledge of the English language, setting you up for a fulfilling future in an increasingly global world.

The ELI provides both academic English training and intercultural competence, and this is reflected in student learning outcomes.

Source: Syracuse University, English Language Institute

Graduates emerge from the ELI prepared to perform to their highest potential and get the most out of their US university experience. Here, students benefit from an experience that goes beyond simply attending an English institute.

While at Syracuse University, you’ll join a larger learning community, where more than 4,000 international students are enrolled – about 20 percent of the total student body.

Understanding that different students have different goals when it comes to learning English, the instructors at ELI are well-equipped to deal with all kinds of language learners – academic, business, or personal.

Abdulaziz AlKandari from Kuwait found that the ELI prepared him well for graduate school. He said, “Professional teachers at the ELI encouraged me to improve my English skills. Effective curriculum and materials made study more interesting and efficient. The ELI prepared me for academic life by giving me primary skills to do well in graduate school.”

Source: Syracuse University, English Language Institute

Experience and results

The ELI has 40 years’ experience providing pre-degree academic training to students who have gone on to complete their degrees in the US and pursue successful careers, as seen in the #ELISyracuse campaign, Where are they now?

Maria Rosa from Brazil said, “All of my experiences in the US have been special and unique and I’m very grateful to the ELI staff for making it easier for me. As with everyone moving to a new country, at the beginning I was full of questions and quite scared.”

“Thanks to ELI and all the friends I have made there, I never felt lost. The support I received was complete and made me feel like home. The relationship between students, professors, and all the staff is memorable not only because of all they do to build a reliable environment, but also because we see that this effort is honest, real, and effective.”

Source: Syracuse University, English Language Institute

General and specialized programs with a holistic touch

The core program at the ELI, Academic English, is designed for students who are conditionally admitted to the university, as well as those who wish to study at another US university. Targeted English programs are also offered, such as English for Lawyers and English for Architecture.

Besides the English courses, the institute also helps students integrate into American life and gain a cultural understanding. The ELI regularly organizes trips to nearby attractions such as Niagara Falls, Green Lakes State Park, Skaneateles Lake, and Alexandria Bay on the St. Lawrence River.

ELI students also benefit from cultural orientation and can sharpen their English knowledge with peer mentors, conversation groups, conversation partners, and holiday events. It’s also ideal for those who want to improve their English for career growth, and others who want to learn English intensively.

Source: Syracuse University, English Language Institute

Stanley Moise from Haiti said, “Attending the ELI is like integrating into a new family. I am making significant progress in my academic English in record time. The staff is committed to each student without distinction. They are willing to help each of us with all our academic and personal needs. I assume that the school is quite unique.”

International students at both the undergraduate and graduate level can gain more confidence and skills in English at the ELI, as well as cultural knowledge, setting them up for a brighter future in academics or in the professional sector.

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