How Dwight School Seoul prepares students for university success
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How Dwight School Seoul prepares students for university success

Starting university can be daunting for many students. In the early stages of adult life, learners need the right combination of guidance and support to succeed in their education.

Dwight School Seoul provides the perfect springboard into university life. Teachers here ignite the spark of genius in every child through a dedicated, personalized curriculum based on the unique interests and passions of each student.

Together, teachers and students study contemporary issues, exploring challenges facing the world today. Personalised learning, together with community and global vision, are the three pillars upon which a world-class Dwight education rests.

Based in Seoul’s Digital Media City – known as South Korea’s Silicon Valley – Dwight’s 200,000 square foot campus features two indoor gymnasiums, a fully-equipped fitness center, an outdoor soccer field, two playgrounds, a large drama room, a Makerspace design-lab, a broadcast studio, a large library, an art gallery and two purpose-built music rooms with eight individual rehearsal spaces.

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The vast array of facilities demonstrates Dwight’s commitment to a personalized learning experience. The school recognises that no two students are the same, helping them focus on their unique strengths and interests. For example, Dwight may design the opportunity for one student to perform onstage at New York’s Carnegie Hall, while granting another student a one-on-one tutorial to help them overcome a particular challenge.

Opened in 2012, Dwight School Seoul was the premier Dwight School in Asia; the first and only IB continuum school in Seoul, reaching International Baccalaureate World School Status in 2013.

Dwight School Seoul offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) programme for students in Preschool through Grade 12 and is an exemplary member of the Dwight community, which includes campuses in New York, London, Shanghai and Dubai.

IB programmes are designed to challenge students to excel in their chosen field, encouraging both personal and academic achievement. Internationally-recognised by leading universities, the IB programmes require students to achieve academic excellence in a range of disciplines. The mission of the IB is to develop students into inquisitive, knowledgeable global citizens who create a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.

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The Diploma Programme at Dwight provides a holistic educational experience. Students graduate with an expanded set of higher-level thinking skills through the diverse study of specific disciplines, with an emphasis on the ability to communicate in at least one second language.

Providing autonomy over student learning, the IB programme offers experiential development through Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), helping pupils take planned action and reflect on their resulting personal growth. CAS is a mandatory core component of the IB Diploma Programme, providing a counter-balance to academic rigour.

At Dwight School Seoul, there are many personal stories of success. One student who displayed a true desire for helping people completed regular volunteer work with the dream of becoming a doctor. Graduating from Dwight in 2018, this learner now studies pre-med at a leading US university.

Another student with a passion for computers was able to compete in national competitions around Korea and took computer studies at Dwight. He has now followed that passion by gaining entry to a top US school for computer science.

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The integrated, extensive extracurricular programme at Dwight is testament to the school’s belief that extracurricular excellence prepares students to achieve beyond their academics. Dwight offers a range of extracurricular programmes, including lessons in Chinese, Japanese, Ballet, Taekwondo, Bouldering and Robotics.

Past events have seen Dwight students curate a whole school Visual Arts exhibition, as well as a Dwight’s Got Talent competition. They’ve also designed sound and lighting for school assemblies, directed a short film as part of the Dwight 24-Hour Film Festival, and hosted the East-Asia Model United Nations Conference.

The Arts form an integral role in a Dwight School education. Here, individualized learning forms the basis of creativity, with a variety of opportunities across theatre, music, film and visual arts. As an IB World School, the Arts are practiced in the curriculum throughout the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programme.

Students are encouraged to reflect on their own artistic progress through journals, written tasks and presentations designed to place the Arts in a wider critical context. The Arts emphasis is exemplified by the vast opportunities offered to Dwight School graduates.

Source: Dwight School Seoul

As a teacher from Dwight explains: “In 2018, we had our largest group of students who applied and went into fine arts. We had students accepted into top colleges in both the US and the UK’s art schools. Students were studying architecture, visual arts, film, photography and music and were accepted into Berkeley, Goldsmith, Pratt, Carnegie Mellon, Tufts, University of Michigan STAMPS – eight of the top 20 global art schools.”

To add to this, the Dwight Schools boast a rich tradition of sporting excellence and success. Student-athletes will train, compete, win and lose as gracious competitors, all while having fun in a nurturing environment, designed to enhance the character and sportsmanship in all. The values they learn as student-athletes, Dwight hopes, will be of invaluable benefit, serving greater global communities in years to come.

Dwight School Seoul produces well-rounded graduates through the full IB experience, giving them a competitive edge in their next steps through higher education and beyond.

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