How do you land a job in visual effects?
Become a visionary in visual effects. Source: Csaba Balazs/Unsplash

Since the arrival of the digital age, various industries have released a fresh batch of tech-savvy job roles and careers that promote computer literacy

In light of this, international students who are creative and passionate about design technology are seeking out university courses that enhance their computer skills and refine their digital techniques.

One subject that often attracts global talent is visual effects (VFX).

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be somewhat less magical! Source: Giphy

As a process that involves the manipulation of film imagery, VFX is a great discipline to master as the industry goes from strength to strength. Plus, as SalaryList outlines, visual effects artist’s annual incomes can range from US$36,358 to US$150,000 per year – it’s an incredibly illustrious career to get into!

So, if you’re eager to get a job in the visual effects industry and are keen to shape your VFX career, check out the tips below…

Cultivate creativity 

Keep those creative juices flowing! Source: Giphy

Always collaborate with creative projects and innovative initiatives while studying at university.

By surrounding yourself with like-minded designers, illustrators and digital artists, you’re more likely to feel motivated to carve out your career.

You must also remember that creativity is a gift. Some students go through their lives wishing they had your artistic flair – use your talents and stay inspired!

Engage with the industry 

Push your portfolio to the forefront. Source: Giphy

To get ahead, industry experience is essential. By refining the art of visual effects and engaging with companies that are supplying CGI effects, you’ll create an impressive portfolio and increase your self-confidence.

You should always be on the lookout for internships and placements with global companies such as Weta Digital, Sony Imageworks and Pixar.

Alternatively, you can always find work experience at a smaller digital business and work your way up.

Connect to your career services

Career services are there to help you! Source: Giphy

Every student-centric university or art college will have a dedicated team of career advisors to steer you through the latest job openings.

By exposing your talent to the market early on in your studies, you may have a higher chance of securing a job once you graduate.

Connect to your career services and make the most of what your university has to offer.

Be fearless with your artistry 

Unleash your talents. Source: Giphy

Don’t be afraid of your artistic abilities.

If you know deep down that you’re an amazing visual animator – showcase your talents! Visual effects are all about captivating your audience with extraordinary images and concepts. By unleashing your true potential, you’ll increase your chances of getting noticed by talent-seeking recruiters.

So, don’t shy away from your skills and become the creative visionary that you were born to be!

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