How do students benefit from university-run business clinics?
Striving above modern pressures, how do university-run business clinics benefit students? Source: Shutterstock

University business clinics offer a catalogue full of benefits for undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking a career-boosting edge to their CV.

Often managed by staff at the university’s business or law school, these facilities enable students to develop their ideas into a fully-fledged business, allowing them to capitalise on their entrepreneurial talents by supplying them with invaluable advice and step-by-step knowledge.

Not only do these university-run clinics attract budding student entrepreneurs, they also draw in local small businesses, social enterprises, sole traders and start-ups seeking professional services, on top of reeling in business speakers around the world that wish to share real-world experiences.

Business collaboration supports success. Source: Campaign Creators/Unsplash

The outside advantage

Disclosing compelling stories about the groundbreaking new inventions and projects that universities produce and collaborate on, U2B recently revealed the dynamic journey of a university-run business clinic, from an SME’s point of view.

“A business simply needs to identify the clinic that best suits their needs and then file an application to the relevant university. Depending on the university, they can do this by filling out an online form or by speaking directly with an operator from the clinic, who will guide them through the process,” the article explains..

Outside businesses benefiting from the inner workings of a university’s business school and its students is therefore a common occurrence.

With the areas of student and staff expertise ranging from branding, to data collection and analysis, digital marketing and event planning, it’s a pick ‘n’ mix of professional tools for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Further elaborating on the advantages of university-run business clinics, U2B also notes that “If the business problem is within the clinic’s area of expertise (and this is decided by the university), a team of students will be assigned to the company as its ‘consultants’.

“The team then directly engages with the client, usually through meetings and visits to business premises, as well as to conduct primary and secondary research on behalf of the client. Once this is done, the students prepare recommendations for the client, which they put together in the form of a report and a presentation.”

The inside advantage

University business students having the opportunity to become company consultants via the business clinic’s connections leads to ample professional benefits.

For example, the industry arrives at their doorstep. Instead of searching for work placements and internships outside the university, small businesses are coming straight to the university to unearth fresh perspectives and exciting business angles.

Being exposed to real-world business challenges and handling them with the knowledge they’ve acquired from the business school applies a great deal of practice to their studies.

Conversing and helping businesses grow is an advantageous career move while at university. Source: AXL/Unsplash

Who knows? For business students, this could also lead to full-time work opportunities after graduation.

By adding to their professional network and leveraging the connections made at the business school, graduates can become valuable and permanent assets to local SMEs.

They would also gain full access to any engaging workshops or visiting speaker events that are happening at the school. It’s a win for the student, a win for the SME and an extra win for the university’s business clinic!

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