How did universities promote World Mental Health Day?
In the UK alone, there were 95 recorded student suicides in the 12 months leading up to July 2017. Source: 胡 卓亨/Unsplash

Mental Health is, and always has been, an issue worth our time.

As an international student, you’ll face a lot of stress while adjusting to your new surroundings and may find yourself experiencing many new emotions.

If you’re ever struggling to keep afloat and feel as though you need a helping hand, your university should have a free counselling service open for guidance and a friendly student union you can access for support.

Always reach out if you need student support. Source: Anthony Tran/Unsplash

Here’s how a select few of universities worldwide advocated student mental health awareness:

The University of Toronto

With this quick informative video, the University of Toronto tells students to take a wellness break.

By sharing helpful tips and reminding learners to stay hydrated and regularly exercise, Toronto takes a practical approach to the issue through a thoughtful, positive video.

Lancaster University 

With this tweet, Lancaster University chose to connect learners with experienced counselling advisors who could lend a helping hand with advice and expertise. In this post, you meet Laura Wilkinson, an advisor who explains the importance of looking after your mental health and improving your wellbeing.

This is a great way to get to know an advisor face-to-face without having to make an appointment. It shows that advisors are friendly and genuinely interested in helping you out.

Teeside University

Teeside University brought students together with tea and talks.

After attending a university-hosted tea party, students and staff engaged in discussion about mental health, highlighting the importance of raising awareness for the topic.

The University of Glasgow

Looking for a peaceful escape but you’d prefer to stay inside? Check out this virtual Autumn walk from The University of Glasgow.

This is an innovative and inventive approach to the subject, helping to calm down hectic student minds.

Alongside the efforts of these universities, we at Study International would like to reaffirm that your mental health is a priority.

If you ever feel as though something isn’t right, reach out and ask for help – you don’t have to go through it alone.

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